RailWater 1.0

Available In: cydia       Price: Free  

RailWater is actually a very fun game of strategy. The object of the game is to add the correct pipes joints to move the water through all the pipes and at the same time have all the numbers match. When you open RailWater you will get a splash screen and then the main menu. On the main menu, there are two options; Play and Help. Help is actually in a different language so unless you speak Italian (I don’t actually know if it is Italian! :) ) the Help will not help you much. Once you select Play you will be on the main play screen. Here you will notice an upper menu bar and a lower menu bar. On the upper menu you have the level you are on, the amount of time that has passed, the option to go back to the main menu, restart that level and turn the sound on/off.

The lower menu bar is where your pieces are located. The first piece will stop the water flow the rest will make the water flow based on their shape. You will also see a number displaying how many of each pipe you have. Each pipe also has a number of points attributed to it. The first piece (left to right) is 0, then -10, -20, -30 and -40.

In the middle of the screen is the game. You will notice that one pipe already has green water in it and a number. You can then select a piece from the lower menu bar and drag it where you would like it. When you add a piece, it will make the water flow based on the shape of the pipe you added. You want the water to flow through all the pipes (see screenshots below). You can spin the pipe joints by tapping on them. However, you will also notice that at the end of each pipe there is a circle with numbers in them. The numbers also have to match each other. Example) 120/120. So, you have to use the correct pipes to subtract the correct amount of points as well as have the water flow through all the pipes! It gets kind of crazy!!

Overall, it is a pretty fun and highly addicting game! I’m still trying to figure out level 4…let me know in the comments what level you are on. OH!….and if you let the app sit for a while and do not play it says, “Hello.” Which scared me to death the first time!! Also, when you close and reopen the application it brings you back to level one which is totally a bummer!

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  1. Tried it out, didn’t work. It looks like a lot of fun, but there are definitely some kinks that need to be worked out.

  2. Thanks for the info about this funny game, especially the part about the points of the different tubes – I just couldn’t find this out on my own ^^

  3. Nice game…

    level 4 : 250 ->up 230 ->right200 ->right170 and down170 > right140 and down140…

  4. Thanks for this, I was playing this in my lectures earlier on and I had no idea what I was doing!! I still don’t know how to get past level 3.. I’ve got water flowing but don’t know how to get the number levels equal to what they’re meant to be!?

  5. good game… only 9 levels though prolly could have gone on a lil longer but it was a challenge for the hour or so that it tool me to get through it.

  6. pretty easy game, I beat it in <20 min. So that’s the first problem with this game

    The second problem is turning pieces gets kind of annoying. I found if I held my finger there for a second and then turned it, it would work better. Kind of sucks for a game that is timed.

    And yes, the help is in Italian. No, I can’t translate.

  7. vic the great says

    lvl 5 done 1st -20 down -30 right side -30 upper right -40 upper middle -20
    110 and 170

  8. hi

    Who can help me in lvl 7?? I need photo this lvl.

    Thx very much

  9. Thanks men. for the info about this funny game

  10. Easy game. Would be great if there were more levels. For those having difficulty try working backwards. Start with the lowest number as your end point and work back from there connecting to the end with the second lowest and so on.

  11. I’m stuck on lvl 7 too

  12. I stuck on level three i don’t know what went wrong