RailWater 1.0

Available In: cydia       Price: Free  

RailWater is actually a very fun game of strategy. The object of the game is to add the correct pipes joints to move the water through all the pipes and at the same time have all the numbers match. When you open RailWater you will get a splash screen and then the main menu. On the main menu, there are two options; Play and Help. Help is actually in a different language so unless you speak Italian (I don’t actually know if it is Italian! :) ) the Help will not help you much. Once you select Play you will be on the main play screen. Here you will notice an upper menu bar and a lower menu bar. On the upper menu you have the level you are on, the amount of time that has passed, the option to go back to the main menu, restart that level and turn the sound on/off.
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