WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There were are quite a few mods via Steffwiz’s Source in Cydia today. I thought I would touch on a few of them. I just had a person email me yesterday asking if I knew of any SMS bubbles that were available in Cydia and then today there were some! Steffwiz has released both Purple and Auqa SMS bubbles. I know there are more than that in Cydia but, for the life of me I can’t remember the titles of the packages. If you know of any…let me know in the comments.

There is also a mod by Steffwiz called Glowing Page Dots. This changes your dots at the bottom of your SpringBoard to black except the one that indicates the page you are on (see screenshot below). Another mod that I thought sounded interesting was the Black SpringBoard Battery but, I couldn’t get it to work.

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  1. Why is the ipod icon pink?

  2. theres a family guy sms bubbles with stewie and brian just type in family guy and it should come up

  3. Hey what a blog,,,so you take any donations?

  4. What is the url for the Stefwiz repo? I had it, but it wasn’t working so I re-entered it now I’ve got it all wrong. I think his repo may be Farked, as in overloaded by being mentioned here, not Fark.

  5. Brook, I downloaded the Original Wifi package he had and it also didn’t work. I ssh’ed in and realized that he didn’t put the folder inside Bundles, so you’ll have to go in and fix that in order for it to work. hope that helps

  6. you should review orbs in cydia. It’s very solid. I mean very solid.

    • i agree. downloaded it and love it!

    • Yea it’s great. Right now I have the gee theme crossed with the orbz icons. My favorite hybrid to date. I highly reccomend it. It’s very consistent and looks great!

  7. i couldn’t find Glowing Dot when i added steffwiz :(

  8. cant find the source. i had it then restored my ipod then now i cant get it