Do Not Touch Me – Status Bar Notifier Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Do Not Touch Me is a pretty cool status bar notifier mod. It changes the icons that normally show up on your status bar to words (mail, sms and call). It also adds icons to your lock screen notifying you that you have a missed call, text or an unread email. The mod comes in both white and black and is activated via WinterBoard. If you are not a huge fan of the lock screen wallpaper that comes with the mod, you can choose User Lock Background in WinterBoard and move it above Do Not Touch Me and it will use your wallpaper instead of the wallpaper that comes with the mod (see screenshots below).

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  1. what application is that makes you have an app flow dock

  2. what application is that makes you have an app flow dock heh

  3. what application or theme is in lock screen.
    Call, SMS, Mail icons looks great in lock screen I want it as well…

  4. sorry i i read all txt… ;)

  5. I wish there were separate options for the notifiers on the lock screen and the “slide to unlock” bar. I like my custom words in the slider. Oh well. It’s still a nice app.

    • Oh, I actually have another app on that takes the words off the slider…the Do Not Touch Me mod isn’t actually doing that. Sorry, I should have taken the other mod off before I took the screenshots.

    • Well the words don’t show up on my slider either, though. I don’t think I have any other app that takes the words away. So is it that this app takes away the words, as well?

      For the record, the only winterboard’s I have enabled are: (1) no undocked icon labels; (2) no docked icon labels; (3) user lock background; (4) do not touch me black; (5) blue fire battery; (6) extended preferences; (7) black navigation bars; (8) transparent dock; (9) talerts; (10) cool notes; (11) ice sms balloons; (12) no page dots; (13) fireball 3g; (14) beaches.

      I don’t think any of those would take the words from the slider, but maybe one does.

  6. This is a great App and long overdue…now just offer it in the App Store for those of us who aren’t JB on 2.0+.

    One of the biggest flaws I noticed when switching from a Blackberry to the iPhone was the loss of the flashing red light. I don’t like having to go all way into my home screen to see if I have an email.

    • For those that are jailbroke there is an app called lockdockbar in cydia. It puts email, sms, phone, and calander icons on your lock screen so you can access them without going into the phone.

  7. What’s the deal with the action popup when you have a new SMS , email or so. You hold your finger on the icon and it shows up above it.

  8. hi

  9. no comment:D

  10. Actually, I don’t see anywhere where anyone mentioned what app that dock-flow is. Can someone please elaborate?

  11. DO we need a source because i cant find it?

  12. Cydia crashes on me when I try to install it, does anyone have a similar problem.

  13. Ispazia dockflow. Two entries before this one in the app list.

  14. this app changes my springboard to german language? but just the lock screen! and provider

  15. my Customize is not working! can anyone help?

  16. Im still getting the name and Text that comes on the iphone alone with the icons with do not touch me. I have a pass word on and thought this would stop showing the info and just the icon on getting a text?

    • yes. you can actually disable that. i was trying very hard to find a solution too. in the end, i downloaded iBlacklist and go to extra settings, select SMS privacy and CALL Privacy. That will do the trick. Remember to enable iBlacklist in the main app page as well.


  17. Get the appropriate license. ,