Hacked iPhone Keyboard

YouTubeI found this video on modmyi.com of a physical keyboard attached to an iPhone. It’s pretty kewl but I would prefer something like a bluetooth hack so I could hook up a full size keyboard if I wanted. What do you think? Would you use this?

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  1. i would totally use something like this i thought at first that the keyboard in the iphone was cool but it is hard to use and covers a lot of the screen. This would also be just the first step in iphone attachments, i wouldnt be surprised if they come up with an Xbox-like controller for iphone to play really intense games

  2. DJContagious says

    yeah i saw this over at tuaw.com, pretty sweet, the iphone should come with this kind of accessory, would add a bunch of buyers from T-Mobile, since they’re used to full keyboarded phones like the Sidekick.

  3. nope i wudnt use it… in dat case we mite aswel get rid of da touch screen

  4. The point is… Why don’t they make the keyboard in Text app or BiteSMS to landscape mode? So we can type faster, instead of having a touch-screen but use the keyboard??

    • ireal sms app for Firmware2.xx have a landscape modus for sms it is in cydia but you must pay for this app and it is in the beta testing

    • I’ve had ireal SMS for a month now an it’s good. Needs some more features though. Payed like 6.50 US.

  5. cool, a physical keyboard beneath a touchscreen keyboard.

    i’ve got another great idea. Why don’t we place an modified old typewriter in front of the physical keyboard, and everytime we push a key on the typewriter, it hits a key on the physical keyboard, which types text into our iphone WHITH INTEGRATET TOUCH-KEYBOARD.

    And for the professionals of us, we coul’d add hydraulics with an remote, to push the keys on the old typewriter. So we don’t need to carry around all the heavy stuff.

    i’m sure if we try hard we can get the iphone to an size of a phonebooth. Yes we can.

    But respect to the guys for the realization of an additional keyboard. I think it yould be quite useful with an large keyboard, but then i have to ask, why do we have computers?

    Guys, it’s a MOBILEPHONE ;)

    • I agree mate. And if u adding a typewriter with hydraulics with remote then sum1 might as well add tht remote to a pc & come up with a voice recognition software which presses da keys of da typewriter and makes da text appear on screen. LOL.
      Or u just develop a voice app to help u type.
      I’d go for my second option.
      P.s. It’s just a thought

  6. you can use a full size keyboard on the iPhone with veency.

  7. The reason that I bought the iPhone is to get rid from the plastic keyboard on mobilephones .. so .. duuuh!

  8. Michael Seltzer says

    I have been looking for this. Now all we need is for microsoft to make the work package for iphone and walla. You have the best mobile phone ever. It’s a computer!

  9. Useless!

  10. salam

  11. I’d go for a BT hack of a full size keyboard. Plug in a micro projector and its good-by to laptops…

  12. As soon as we have this with a full sized keyboard and proper iphone os integration, we have a windows mobile killer..

    Would also make the ipod touch a suitable replacement for a low cost pda..

  13. Palm Life Drive Lover says

    I need to have a Bluetooth phone with the LifeDrive – which is the greatest device for me (writer) with the folding separate keyboard – Filemaker Mobile – WiFi – perfect for writing on the plane and other cramped & improvised situations – Someday the iphone will add an external keyboard and beat this combo (phone, keyboard, LifeDrive) – Mac user since ’84, so I’d like it to happen – ‘Til then, I’ll stick with the best wireless mini-mega-input rig.

  14. We got a standard external keyboard working using iPhone SDK 2.0 and no jailbreaking:


  15. Awesome idea. Iphone has a lack of many pda feautures.