Firmware 2.2 Feature – Screenshots of Lock Screen

Apple I’m sure many of you keep finding new features of firmware 2.2 as you use it more and more. There are actually quite a few nice new features! One feature that was brought to my attention is that you can now take screenshots of the lock screen with firmware 2.2! You could already take a screenshots of your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen by hitting the Lock button and the Home button at the same time. However, this feature did not work smoothly on the lock screen. Well, it seems Apple has taken pity on us and made this feature work on the lock screen as well. Which means, no more trying to trick your lock screen into getting a screenshot or using lengthy processes to get a screenshot of your lock screen.

This is a very exciting news for me….I actually wouldn’t have even realized this if I wouldn’t have received an email about it from a viewer (thanks for the tip Patrick!). I was still doing it the old school way…signing into my iPhone via mobile. Happy screenshot taking!

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  1. That’s exactly what I was looking for…


  2. Wow I never knew one could take screenshots, I always thought people did that with some type of emulator. Thanks for the info! :)

    • No problem…when you hit the Lock button and the Home button at the same time, your iPhone/iPod Touch screen will flash white letting you know that it took a screenshot. It will then add the screen shot into your Camera Roll. Just a little more info about it! :)

  3. This will make it much easier to decide which lock screen themes to install.

  4. i don’t know if anyone’s noticed this yet, but now if you lose your signal, it says searching before it goes to no signal. it seems like its trying to keep the signal when it loses it, which has really helped me since the update with sending texts from my basement.

  5. Hmmm….very intersting. So apparently Apple will not listen when people ask for silly things like MMS but when it comes to very useful features like taking a screenshot of the lockscreen that pretty much nobody ask for then Apple is ontop of it. Great Job Apple!!!! Who needs silly things like MMS or Copy and Paste? I want my Lockscreeen Screenshot that I will use all the time.

    • iphonejunky says

      lol i agree…lol

    • iAgree with you. Apple has lost my respect since the 3G iPhone release! iWas not tempted iN any kind of way to upgrade from the first gen iPhone. Wow, twice as fast. Not worth an extra $30+ a month. i’M probably the only one iN the world still on 1.14. My demands for the 3rd iPhone:
      -mms (picture, text, video, & voice clips)
      -video record
      -copy & paste
      -push notification (All iMs in background)
      -Better battery
      These are the only things that can be done by Apple and work flawlessly. Flash? No, too many ads and will slow down the browsrt. Everythin’ else can be 3rd party for all iCare…

      -sent from my iPhone
      iT’s a Recession, don’t ask me for ****!!!

    • HAHA! So true.

  6. hey i was wondering if anybody is having trouble with there iphone not getting any 3g indication and everytime i use the phone i get call failed?? has anybody found out a solution thank in advance

  7. One very cool thing via cydia is you can now enable Emoji with the fix in cydia. Emoji is very cool although it doesn’t seem like people without an iPhone can recieve them.

  8. Do anyone know how street view work in map on iphone? sorry about off topic

    • Yeah, I had to play around with this a little at first as well. Drop a pin on the spot on the street where you want a view (or address). To the left of the text that pops up with dropped pin is a little orange looking guy in the text box. Tap him and it will drop you down to street view. From there you can move up and down the street and look around.

      You can google it as well and it will take you to a video demo.

    • My little orange guy doesn’t light up?! I’m not on 3g but have updated. Does this only work on 3g?

  9. i have also noticed that when you switch to airplane mode the orange airplane flys into position and when you turn it off it flys away.

  10. emoji manual hack, if you do not prefer the cydia patch (which does the same change on the affected plist):
    – open Private/Var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
    – add the following boolean key as ‘true’: KeyboardEmojiEverywhere, so it would be like:


    – save it, and select the keyboard Japan/Emoji in settings;
    – you will have emoji all over your installed apps’ textfields.

    • Did this comment turn on correctly? I got your other comments, just let me know if I need to fix it some how.

    • Brooke, in fact the tags gone away. I try now with brackets instead:


      replace brackets with appropriate “” (the triangle like bracket, if it disappears again)

  11. sorry, it would like (ignore all spaces):


  12. Hey, i noticed that when you delete an app, it asks you to rate it. I know that it has nothing to do with screenshots but its a new feature of 2.2, is it not?

  13. Nice. Finally them added this too… By the way, how do I go from the last home screen to the first one on 2.2 ?

  14. Hmm. pretty cool! if only my iphone hadn’t broken lol :(

  15. I want to upgrade my jailbroken iphone 3g, what is the best way to backup apps which are running with the data and restore easily ?


  16. The new firmware also added the update all icon in theapp store, which I was sorely missing and unsure why 2.1 deleted it. Hopes this helps!

  17. Well, yes it takes screen shot, but i already have taken screenshoots in the 2.1 fimware, so its not as new as they say

  18. When on a jailbroken iPhone how is the easiest way to update firmware without having to re jailbreaking it again??

  19. Firmware? Is that on there already?

    My friend is taking pictures with her iTouch, and she said she didn’t do anything… But my iPod won’t do it!!!


  20. [[I meant iPhone… the older one.]]

  21. Skillmachine says

    You can also invoke the iPod by double pressing the home button on the lock screen but how do u invoke the SMS?? I know it’s possible because I did it by accident once. I was rubbing the screen to clean it when it suddenly appeared. Does anyone know how? And r there any other features like that?