Brothers in Arms Video Demo

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Watch “Brothers in Arms” from your iPhone or iPod Touch (YouTube)
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  1. Just one word…..AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. someone who needs help says

    will this game work with u on the 2.2 firmware jailbroken??? please reply!!!!

  3. right i’m on 2.2 fireware and i cant get this to work i tryed doind the permissions and nothing tryed rebooting and still nothing i hope i get this to work thank you for the preview ais

    • I’m on 1st Gen 8GB Jailbroken and it only works for me in Safe Mode. There is another post here on AIS regarding this app and has more info on running in Safe Mode. Basically, install the iReboot App from Cydia and SB Settings and then in SB Settings respring in Safe Mode and then you should be able to run the app.

      My feeling is that it is a Memory Hog and some of the Jailbreak apps are taking that necessary memory.

    • how do i respring in safe mode is there an option on sbsettings

    • iphonejunky says

      in SB settings hit power then select safe mode

  4. Strangely enough it seems like I had to replace two files in the Brother In Arms Documents folder in order for the game to run. But there are errors when it tried to save. I hope there is a way to make re game run smoothly. Does anyone know exactly why there is such an issue with this game? I’m on 2.2 jailbroken. Otherwise this game RULEZ when it does work. I can’t believe how awesome it is!!!!!!!

  5. i would be very careful giving this game this much of promotion. as youve mentioned yourself in a previous review, this game does have some weird bugs, making it actually unplayable for some people.
    this cannot be the case for a game that costs 10 bucks and should be criticized severely instead of further promoting. it actually made my iphone completely unusuable, freezing the whole system no matter how often i restart. i couldnt save any of my data (notes, contacts etc) and i had to do a complete restore.
    now this isnt the only case of this happening, it seams more people are having problems with it. as much fun as this game might be once it works, but you cant just leave out half of the critics.

  6. Gamloft is making epic games for the iPhone/touch like this, guitar rock tour, and Hero of Sparta (my favorite this far)!

  7. iphonejunky says

    i rebooted in safe mode once and the game worked..i resrang the SB and it has worked ever since..bad a** game!!

  8. i finally got it to work but i wonder if they will be a update with more levels huh i know its for the iphone but still