WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Below are a few WinterBoard mods. The first is a theme, iBLOB (via iSpazio), is a very clean theme. It basically mods the wallpaper, dock and icons…it contains 70 icons. The second theme, Elegance (via ModMyi), is very similar to the A8stract Theme. I actually prefer some of the icons from the A8stract Theme a little better. Also, if you like the Elegance theme, you are going to have to do a little work. Most of the stock icons are in Italian and need to be renamed to English in order to work. But, if you don’t mind SSH’ing it just takes a little time to get them right. The next two mods are transparent mods.

The first transparent mod is, Transparent Calc (via modmyi), which changes your Calculator so that it is transparent. This allows you to see a wallpaper behind the calculator. If you put the Transparent Calc mod above your theme in WinterBoard, you will see the wallpaper that comes with the transparent Calc mod…which can be changed by adding a new wallpaper in the Library/Themes/Transparent Calc.theme folder. Or, you can move the Transparent Calc below your theme in WinterBoard and it will display the wallpaper from your theme behind the calculator. The second transparent mod is the Transparent Keyboard (via modmyi). This will do just that, make your keyboard transparent.

The last two mods are dialer mods. Red Carbon Dialer and Blue Carbon Dialer (via BigBoss) will change your dialer keypad. Below are screenshots for all the mods…all of which are activated via WinterBoard.


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  1. With the Transparent Calc, the wallpaper of my lock screan change by itself!! ;-?

  2. Yes, the tranparent calc comes with a background. If you want it to use your own background or the one with your theme….you have to move the transparent calc mod below your theme in WinterBoard.

  3. How do you get all the icons on the springboard to convert to a winterboard theme
    I downloaded the Ravens theme. but some icons did not change