Facebook Updated

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FacebookA friend of mine send me this text message using the Emoji hack for the iPhone.

He was trying to tell me that the Facebook app for the iPhone and iPod Touch was updated today. No new features here but lots of bug fixes and stability improvements. Here’s the list provided by Facebook:

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  1. my sync was a lot faster now that they updated FB… i never realized that the FB app was what was slowing it down :\

  2. How do you make those little symbols in text messaging??????

  3. The Richard says

    I’m still getting the multiple friends when I except the friend request and when I shake the phone to refresh the friends page it adds even more.

  4. Just noticed that the update is dated 07/10/08??? so why has it only just appeared in app store? ODD

  5. After updating the app, every time I tried to launch it, it would hang and then quit to the home screen.

    Tried rebooting – no change…

    Uninstalled it and then reinstalled it – happy days!!

  6. quick question.. if you send a sms that includes emoji, will the other person see it?

    • if the other person has an iPhone with 2.2 yeah it will show up i think even if its not jailbroken…however if u send it to someone on another network they prolly wont even get the text at all.

  7. 41 updates, how many apps do you have!

  8. You guys should do a review on the new app that Apple released, Keynote Remote. And see if you can find a way that you can sync the computer and the iPhone without having to be on a Wi-Fi connection.

    Please and thank you!

  9. Anyone else notice that the time stamp bug doesn’t seem to be fixed, either? It still says someone did something a few moments ago but I could swear I saw the same thing earlier in the day.

  10. Time stanps worked ok about one day. Next day i found same bug still exists. I’m Finnish user.

  11. Rather random, but that fade out on your screen shot, is that some sorta mod? If so, which app enables it?

  12. I love the new update, and especially when it said, that time stamps wouldn’t be a problem anymore.. and it did work for a day or so.. But now it still says that xxxxxxxx did something 9 hours ago, instead of “a moment ago” or some seconds ago, or whatever it’s supposed to say :/
    But still LOVE the app :)