2nd Gen iPod Touch Jailbreak Screenshot

Dev Team It seems they (the Dev Team) are getting closer to the 2nd Generation iPod Touch jailbreak. They recently posted the first screenshot of a jailbroke 2nd gen iPod Touch on their website. However, it seems that the process has not yet been perfected and isn’t quite ready for public release. So far, there is no ETA on when the jailbreak will be available. Below is what the Dev Team has to say about it and the screenshot.

“Here is the first screenshot of a jailbroken iPod Touch 2G. Right now the jailbreak process is far too manual to be useful to most people. But this is a first step (well, second step if you include the initial exploit).

When we announced yellowsn0w, we made the mistake of giving an ETA for its release…and that really clobbered the last day of 2008 for us. So we won’t be issuing a formal ETA for the ipt2G jailbreak. But we are putting a lot of energy into it.”


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  1. I can’t wait fer the Jailbreak to come out =] I’mma finially be able to Jailbreak my friends’ iPod2Gs lol

  2. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha great news! so glad this is finally live ! I might switch to the new ones now…. . That was the only thing holding me back !

  4. Hi everyon and happy new year to appleiphoneschool

    folks, I have a 1st Gen. iPhone, and I used winpwn version 2.5 and updated it to the, then, new version 2.01? is there any news about winpwn, cause they seem they just disappeared I went over to their website but they haven’t updated it since september 2008, and I don’t know what to do with my iphone? I mean it works perfectly, but I would like to update it to 2.2, and I’m still waiting for a compatible winpwn? does anyone know anything about what to do? I really need some help on this issue

    regards to you all

    • Just update with iTunes and use QuickPwn. Ever heard of Google? Think they even have a tutorial about how to jailbrake here at appleiphoneschool.

    • hey redhead you need to try quikpwn its been updated

  5. thank you for the reply

  6. I’m so excited! the Dev team is awesome.

  7. Apple just released version 2.2 and I updated my iPod touch 2nd gen. Will this mess up my opportunity to jailbreak when dev-team releases it.

  8. I was wondering the same thing and is there a way to downgrade ipod touch 2nd gen just in case.

  9. i also had my ipt2g updated its firmware into 2.2 and also wondring if it will be jailbreakeable too when the jailbreak for the ipt2g is realeased.or if not how will i downgrade it to 2.1.1 again.pls answer

  10. thank you taylorg, truly appreciate it. I tried quickpawn, and my friend, was that easy or what? I mean in less than two minutes the whole thing was up and running, and it worked without a glitch.

    thank you for your reply

  11. appreciate all the hard work guys…

  12. Hey is it possible to jailbreak a 2g ipod touch 2.2.1??