redsn0w (2nd Gen iPod Touch Jailbreak) F.A.Q

Dev Team Well, there hasn’t been any further information (since the video this week-end) on how things are coming along with the 2nd gen iPod Touch jailbreak. However, if you haven’t already seen it, the Dev Team posted a very nice link to some frequently asked questions. I’m pretty sure if you have a questions about redsn0w (the jailbreak) you will most likely find your answer there! Below is the link…check it out.

redsn0w F.A.Q

2nd Gen iPod Touch Jailbreak Screenshot

Dev Team It seems they (the Dev Team) are getting closer to the 2nd Generation iPod Touch jailbreak. They recently posted the first screenshot of a jailbroke 2nd gen iPod Touch on their website. However, it seems that the process has not yet been perfected and isn’t quite ready for public release. So far, there is no ETA on when the jailbreak will be available. Below is what the Dev Team has to say about it and the screenshot.
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