WeatherIcon Updates – Fixes Status Bar Icons

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WeatherIcon There have been a few updates to the WeatherIcon mod in the last day or so. They have been just simple updates but, I was happy to see them. If you use the Status Bar icons feature of the mos, then you have probably noticed that the right side of your weather image was getting cut off. Well, the first update fixes that issue. However, you probably also notice that he right side of your other Status Bar notification icons (mail, SMS…etc) where also getting cut off. The second update fixes that issue. So, overall, the mod looks much nicer now! The only thing I am waiting for now is an update that fixes the battery drain problem! Doug and I both have been experiencing major battery drain since turning on the Status Bar mod.


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  1. ever since i installed the supreme prefs my phone has been going into safe mode a few times a day have u guys been niticing this too? is there anyway to fix it?

    • Yeah, we have been noticing that too. Supreme Prefrences had an update today…actually, like just now…to version 1.6.3. It doesn’t say anything about fixing the Safe Mode problem but, it does say that it will have a bigger update soon. So, hopefully that will fix the issue.

  2. Surpreme Preferences has always caused me problems and provided little added benefit. All weatherivon options can be manually set in the plist without requiring SP or Wonterboard.

  3. so this is what has been draining my battery later??
    I left my ipod locked, doing nothing, I come back next day and it has turned itself off, with 0 battery remaining.

  4. I’m very surprised to hear there are battery issues. The icon doesb=n’t send requests unles you’re interacting with the phone. Have you isolated it to the status bar stuff?

  5. I have no status bar at all. I’m on a Touch, so I don’t have so many notifications.

  6. drumthrasher109 says

    My battery life has been horrible since day one. My iPhone has been jailbroken and has had Status Notifications installed since day one.

    Usually when I’m browsing some simple web pages in Safari over EDGE, the battery can go down several percent in a matter of minutes. Could the status bar icons be causing this?!?!?!

  7. Assuming that the status bar notification plugins out in the wild (StatusNotifier, BigBoss Notifier, IntelliScreen) use the same technique as me, they are triggering status bar redraws anytime there is an event that causes a new notification. I guess it’s possible that could result in some battery drain, but it’s unlikely.

    I’m working on a much-improved version of the weather status bar info to maybe cut down on some of the unnecessary memory and CPU usage needed to render that info. We’ll see if that helps at all.

  8. I am having this same problem where the weather icon image of either the sun or the moon on my status bar are getting cut off on the right side.. And on the left side it cuts off part of my clock icon because I have Liveclock.. I don’t see any updates when I go into Cydia… My WeatherIcon is version 1.8.7 and there are no more upgrades when I click “modify”

    What’s going on??

  9. Okay and how do I do that?

  10. djnevous3us says

    when i had 2.2.1 3g i used weather – tick w/ the weather icon and it worked fine now that i upgraded to 3g3.0 no icon on status bar a ? w/ a weather theme on the weather ch. icon