Dismiss Away Items Update & New Quick Dimiss Application

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Quick Dimiss Yesterday there was an update to Dismiss Away Items, a application that allows you to dismiss alerts pop-ups by tapping the Home Button. The update changed the app so that it only works for dismissing alert pop-ups on your lock screen (instead of on your lock screen, SpringBoard and while in an application). However, the developer also released an additional application titled Quick Dismiss. When installed, it allows you to dismiss alert pop-ups using the Home Button while on your SpringBoard and while in applications. So basically, the developer turned Dismiss Away Items into two applications.

However, the first release of Quick Dismiss did not work so, I patiently waited for an update which came out this afternoon and the application now works correctly. Make sure you have version 1.1.0 of Quick Dismiss.

Basically, if you want the option to dismiss alerts, using your Home Button, while on your lock screen you will want to install Dismiss Away Items. If you want the option to dismiss alerts, using your Home Button, while on your SpringBoard or while within applications you will want to install Quick Dimiss.

The developer does say that he will eventually turn the two application back into one application with the option to turn on/off one or the other. But, for now, they are seperate application that begin to work as soon as you install them and you will need to uninstall the app in Cydia to remove it…no WinterBoard activation/deactivation with these mods.


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  1. odd.. I added the source… but can only find ‘Quick dismiss’ .. even when searching… I cannot locate ‘Dismiss away’…

    • mattyb123 says

      There was an update and he has now merged the two. Install Quick Dismiss and then go into the stock Settings.app and there wil be a Quick Dismiss section. Inside there are two options: Locked and Unlocked. So you can now choose which you have.

    • gotcha. thanks.

  2. Mohamed Rashwan says

    I can’t find the app. What is the source associated?

  3. Yes, the developer merged them into one. The description of the QuickDismiss is wrong, though.

  4. Stimpy5050 says

    Oops. Sorry about the description. Fixed. ;-)

  5. J Dizzle says

    i updated again to the 1.1.1, and now when i go into the setting.app the quick dismiss settings is gone? there is still the tab to go into the settings but there are not settings to be set anymore?

  6. J Dizzle says

    what does it mean “switch to preference bundles’? i have extended prefs installed but i dont see anything there to change the quickdismiss.

  7. thailgirl says

    the source does not someone as another source.

  8. thailgirl says

    I apologized during your coffee break but could you at least respond to the commentary if it is not too much to ask you.

  9. shane swift says

    Hello – can you please confirm to get this App what do you search for? I have searched for quick dismiss / new quick dismiss – cannot locate. In UK and on O2 phone network.

    Thanks and regards,

  10. This app let you dismiss alerts on lockscreen but for sms allerts it can’t remove a sound reminder. So you can get rid of a text message but not the allert which sounds after several minutes out of nowhere.

  11. Anytime I double-tap the home button (Lock Screen) iPod controls come up when there’s an SMS notification. Single tap in the menu or on the lock screen (with SMS notification): does nothing.

    Is there something I’m missing? Version 1.1.3 is what I have installed currently.