Dismiss Away Items Update & New Quick Dimiss Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Quick Dimiss Yesterday there was an update to Dismiss Away Items, a application that allows you to dismiss alerts pop-ups by tapping the Home Button. The update changed the app so that it only works for dismissing alert pop-ups on your lock screen (instead of on your lock screen, SpringBoard and while in an application). However, the developer also released an additional application titled Quick Dismiss. When installed, it allows you to dismiss alert pop-ups using the Home Button while on your SpringBoard and while in applications. So basically, the developer turned Dismiss Away Items into two applications.

However, the first release of Quick Dismiss did not work so, I patiently waited for an update which came out this afternoon and the application now works correctly. Make sure you have version 1.1.0 of Quick Dismiss.
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