Watch Firmware 3.0 Preview Video

AppleApple has released today’s keynote previewing the upcoming iPhone firmware 3.0. Here is a link to the video: We will be breaking down each feature in articles to come.


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  1. I just watched and I have to say the the cut and paste app looks pretty sick.

  2. I was just blown away after watching the video of how many really good features were added. My favorite actually was the spotlight!!!

  3. I’m a little upset that the MMS won’t be available to 1st generation iPhone users.

    • u mean that 2G phones can’t go4 3.0 firmware?

    • We can update to 3.0, but Apple says that 1st gen iphone users won’t have MMS. Which I think it totally just something Apple is doing to intentionally create another clear difference between the two iPhones so that people upgrade to 3g.

      Maybe hackers will find a way to make the MMS work on 1st gen iPhones.

    • Here is the fine print on the apple website.
      *MMS messaging is available only on iPhone 3G; fees may apply. MMS may not be available in all areas

  4. alot of those features are the main reason i jailbroke my iphone. cant wait ’till it gets released