Popup Colors

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Popup Colors Popup Colors is a mod that allows you to change the color of your pop-ups. The mod includes eight colors; Yellow, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, Black and Aqua. When you install the app, all eight colors are added into WinterBoard where they can then be activated and deactivated. YOu can get Popup Colors via the modmyi source. Screenshots of all the colors below.


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  1. Looks pretty nice, although I like my custom popup mod better.

  2. Whats the name of the theme used in the screenshots?
    Thx for answers.


  3. Yeesss, i want to know the name of the Theme too, please write it in the coments.
    very preaty i might add

  4. The theme is called Reveal and you can get is via the iSpazio source.

  5. I FOUND IT…
    The name is “reveal”, here is the link to the articule: http://www.appleiphoneschool.com/2008/04/27/reveal/

    i hope it’s of your use