Battle Dot – Accelerometer Based Game

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Battle Dot We have not seen a ton of games released on the jailbreak scene since firmware 2.x (not like we had with 1.1.4 and below) however, Battle Dot showed up today in Cydia. It is an accelerometer based game in which you move your player (the dot) by tilting your iPhone. The game is well designed and fun to play. So, lets take a look at it!

When you open Battle Dot, you get a nice instruction page. Once you have read the instructions, just tap the screen. You can then tilt your iPhone to move the dot into the 1 player or 2 player door (that is the open space at the top of the screen). You will then get a screen in which you can choose to play one of four different arenas. Each arena has a unique element to make the game a little trickier. The first arena (from left to right) has a tornado that you want to aviod, the second arena is broke into four separate squares that you have to try to maneuver through, the third arena has a bar that moves back and forth across the play screen and the forth arena has a constantly rotating open circle in the middle of the play screen. To select an arena, just move your dot through it’s “door way.”

Once in an arena, the object of the game is to move your dot over the top of one of the colored circles. You have to hold your dot on-top of the colored circle long enough to get the points for it…each color has a different point value. The dots also disappear so you have to move quickly. You can go from one side of the play board to the other by just moving your dot off the screen (think PacMan and those little door ways that bring you to the other side…only you can do it anywhere in the screen).

Your score is displayed in the upper left corner and your remaining time in displayed in the upper right corner. Once your time is up, you will get a pop-up with your High Score (which I’m not sure works) and your current score for that game.

One really cool feature of this application is the two player mode. You can play against another iPhone or iPod Touch that is on the same WiFi connection. The two player mode worked seamlessly for me.

Overall, a nicely designed game that is decently fun to play! Check it out! Deep Space is available via the BigBoss source.


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  1. Wow this site takes forever to load! Anyway I think the game is fun for a couple of minutes

  2. Can’t find it. It is from BigBoss? Correct. I even reloaded that repo and nothing? I know I get updates because the bubble pops up telling me I have “X” number of updates but it seems as though I’m not getting something here. Any suggestions?

  3. it’s not popping up in the search, weird

  4. Nope I never figured it out. This is a game that looks like I would really like but I got really frustrated and just gave up on it. Usually I can figure stuff like this out and it’s usually some minor little thing but this one got me stumped.

  5. I’m having the same issue as SNAPPY. I wanted to try this game, but it’s not showing up anywhere. I have the BigBoss source added in Cydia, but nada…