Battle Dot – Accelerometer Based Game

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Battle Dot We have not seen a ton of games released on the jailbreak scene since firmware 2.x (not like we had with 1.1.4 and below) however, Battle Dot showed up today in Cydia. It is an accelerometer based game in which you move your player (the dot) by tilting your iPhone. The game is well designed and fun to play. So, lets take a look at it!

When you open Battle Dot, you get a nice instruction page. Once you have read the instructions, just tap the screen. You can then tilt your iPhone to move the dot into the 1 player or 2 player door (that is the open space at the top of the screen). You will then get a screen in which you can choose to play one of four different arenas. Each arena has a unique element to make the game a little trickier. The first arena (from left to right) has a tornado that you want to aviod, the second arena is broke into four separate squares that you have to try to maneuver through, the third arena has a bar that moves back and forth across the play screen and the forth arena has a constantly rotating open circle in the middle of the play screen. To select an arena, just move your dot through it’s “door way.”
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