iSmart Dialer – Quickly Call, Text or Email Contacts Directly From Your Stock Keypad

Available In: Cydia       Price: $7.99  

iSmartDialer Ok, I have to admit that I have been procrastinating the review of this application (only because usually these apps aren’t very good) however, about ten seconds into reviewing iSmartDialer I realized I was going to be wrong with this one!

iSmartDialer is an application that allows you to easily search your contacts, send a text and send an email all from your stock dialer. Once you install the app, you will need to activate it. In order to activate it, you have to purchase it which costs $7.99(USD). So, continue reading and you can decide if this is an application you are interested in purchasing.

Once installed, you will see an icon added to your SpringBoard…this is where all of the app’s settings are located (and there are a TON of them!). In the Settings, you are able to turn on/off the application itself, the shake to search feature, the home button double tap, the quick email feature and the quick sms feature. You are also able to change a ton of search options and some keypad options. One cool feature is that you are able to choose a few different languages for the kaypad search (multi-language search). You can also set nine speed dial numbers so that you can quickly call nine contacts directly from your dialer.

Once you have the app turned on in the Settings (which it should automatically do when installed but, you might just want to double check), you can then go into your stock Phone application and then the Keypad option. You will notice a few new features on your Keypad such as; two arrows and an “On” icon on the # button. The “On” icon indicates that the search feature is activated. You can easily toggle, turn the search feature on/off, by shaking your iPhone or touching and holding the # button for 2 seconds (I personally like the shake feature). Now, for the cool part…using the search. To use the search feature, just tap on the numbers that correspond with the letters you are searching for. Note: you do not need to tap the icon three times to get the third letter that corresponds with that number…just tap it once and it will search correctly. So, if I want to search for my husband, I would tap 4,8,7,2….etc. As soon as you begin typing, it will start to bring up the most relevant contacts that match your search. The results are located at the top of the screen. You can search by first name, last name or business name.

Once a contact is found, you can scroll through the contacts using the arrow buttons or if you tap on the search results, you can scroll through them with your finger. Once you select a contact (the selected contact will be highlighted bright blue), a SMS and Email icon are added to the 1 and * buttons. These icons allow you to quickly send a text message or email to one of your contacts (they open directly in the iSmartDialer application). Another cool feature is that you can tap and hold a contact that is in the search results to edit that contacts information. Honestly, there are a lot of cool little features to this application and I have probably haven’t even touched on them all!

Overall, this application is very well designed, it’s nicely integrated and it has a ton of options. The only thing that didn’t work exactly how I wanted it to was when you send and email, it opens your stock email application in order to send the email…I was hoping it would send directly from the iSmartDialer application. Other than that, this application worked smoothly

If you would like to learn more about the app, you can check out their website!


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  1. iLove my iPhone says

    can you do a review of sweet mail thanks

  2. Great App! just bought it.
    I was waiting for this thing since iPhone2G came out…

  3. The same app, from the same devs, is available from the App Store.
    It is FREE for a limited time.

  4. great ! thanks.

  5. Its a great app. And support is very responsive. One bug though:

    If you go into edit contact mode, when your are finished – press cancel.If you press home, next time you open the app it crashes

    They are looking into this


  6. PD: If you wanna test it first – there is a free -slower- version on appstore. It has its own interface, but its way slower


  7. Just tried the free version, but it takes way too long to get to a ready state for it to be truly useful.

  8. App store free version is too slow. It also crashes. Does commercial version on cydia has same problems?