i’Elegance – WinterBoard Theme

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i'Elegance ielegancetheme2 OK, as many of you know, I’m not a huge fan of themes what have the date and time on the SpringBoard…only because then I have to move a bunch of blank icons around in order for it to work correctly! But, I am willing to make an exception for i’Elegance! Not only is this theme simple and clean…it basically mods every part of your iPhone and/or iPod Touch. The weather, sms, calculator, keyboard, badges, icons, wallpaper, lock screen, status bar, slider bars, safari, mail….basically everything is modded and themed. This is where another bias of mine comes in, usually themes that mod a majority of your iPhone are thrown together and terribly designed…’Elegance is not one of those themes. The design is quality and it is consistent through all of the mods. I love how each loading screen is customized for each specific app! I also love how it says, “No Calls for You!” on my status bar (our test iPhone is fake activated). It made me laugh! :)

As cool as this theme is, there are a few things I’m not huge on…I personally like having icon labels and this theme removes those and the keyboard is a little weird however, both things I could get used to.

Note: There is also an i’Elegnace SBSettings theme. (see screenshots below).

How to Install

1. Your device must be jailbroken. (how?)
2. Make sure you have WinterBoard installed via Cydia.
2. Make sure you have the modmyi source installed in Cydia.
3. Search for i’Elegance in Cydia, run the install.
4. Open WinterBoard and activate the i’Elegance theme.


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  1. INinja is cleaner and far more complete than this theme. Ininja themes so much and was so large that cydia couldn’t handle it and it had to be broken up into pieces.

  2. Hi there,
    I’m from Portugal I’m a fan of your work, it’s a must read for me.
    The thing is, I was trying to download this awsome theme but even when refreshed, that package doesn’t show up on cydia.
    Could you take a look?

    Many Thanks!


  3. how do you get the 3 rows of apps allowing the clock to show?

    • Use iblank (avalable in cydia or icy)

    • It actually installs iblank when you install the theme…I apologize, I should have mentioned that in the post.

    • Easy, just create 2 blank Icons for the home screen, using iphonebrowser to replace the ones in the theme icon folder, something you don’t use ( i picked the notes and itunes, and place those where the clock is… and there you go..

  4. MICHELlota says

    Inav best themes ever!!!!!!

  5. How do you get the weather on your lockscreen? Is it in Cydia?
    Thanks for your help and keep up the great work. Love the site.

  6. Go to subylang.com to check out everything for iNinja. Also notice that the folder structure in iNinja is different. The bundles folder is completely removed. Just check it out Brooke. It’s a TRULY complete theme…maybe a little too complete ;)

  7. That keyboard looks like the Blackberry Storm keyboard theme modded for iElegance.

  8. How do you change the lockscreen?

  9. Can you reveiw ripdevs icy

    • iFoneGooner says

      Here is a quick review of ICY for you – just install it because it is fast, stable and a nice alternative (NOT I hasten to add a replacement) for Cydia. There are also some fantastic ICY themes appearing that make ICY look sleek, sexy and fun to use. Apologies to Brooke and co for doing this off the cuff ;-)

  10. I really like this theme, though I agree that some of its functionns are a bit crappy, like with the lockscreen wallpaper, you cant use your own. Same with the time not being on the status bar but on the wallpaper in the springboard.

    Now I’m really good with SSH so I was able to ssh into the theme and made some changes to make it better for me, I put the time back on the status bar and got rid off the bar with the time in the background, also I got rid of the lockscreen wallpaper so I can use my own.

    Again you can do this to any theme you donwload if you know how to use SSH and you how to change the codes. If you need help, or you like a theme but not some of its features, I can help just reply. Later dudes

    • 1.21 Gigawatt Joey says

      If you go into Winterboard and put “User Lock Background” above the theme you’ll be able to have your own lockscreen background.

    • iFoneGooner says

      Hey Oscar23, I would like to do some of the changes you have mentioned. Problem is for me that I understand the basics of SSH and I have installed themes using Cyberduck, but messing with the coding is another matter!! Can you recommend any good books or pdf’s that guide you through coding and how to do it safely? Thanks in advance for your help ;-)

    • where do you put ur lockscreen image

    • I know about the lock background option on winterboard but it doesnt work for most themes, as far as the coding goes ifonegoner, I have to admit that I’m not quiet familiar with Cyberduck, but I’m almost certain that its the same procedure, let me look into it and I’ll have an answer for you really soon

    • iFoneGooner says

      Thanks, really appreciate that – wait to hear from you ;-)

    • I’m in the process of learning how to create an app, but before I do that there is one important subject to learn and thats understanding Codes, I’m sorry but I have to say that it involves a lot of reading, if you really want to learn to read and write Code then I suggest “Write Great Code: Volume 1 – Understanding The Machine” , try looking for it at your local public library, thats where I found mine. If wanting to know how to read, write and understand code its your wish, then this book will help. I hope to have help you ifonegoner, thanks for the reply

    • iFoneGooner says

      oscar23, you are now an honorary gooner!! Well perhaps that will not please you if you support any team other than Arsenal, or perhaps you are not into football? Seriously though, thanks so much for bothering to respond at all, really appreciated. Reading is not a problem as I recently finished a three year degree in Sociology at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Trust me, reading is not a problem now ;-) So, I will give it a go and thanks again. Cheers from the UK

    • SAR_Swimmer says

      I noticed someone talking about the fact that this APP covers the clock. What that person failed to do was think outside the box. Use the iBlank app included with this theme and make some invisible icons. Then move them to the top rows of all your pages. VIOLA! you can now see the clock. This is of course if you can get buy with only 12 vice the 16 shortcuts per page. Personally I can live with 12 per page. Having this cool theme is worth it to me.

    • how do you put the time back on the status bar??

    • ” I put the time back on the status bar and got rid off the bar with the time in the background, also I got rid of the lockscreen wallpaper so I can use my own. ”

      Also how do I remove the egg timer pic & sun icon whe i open the apps?

      Is there anyother way to mimic the photoshop script to create my own icons?

      How do I do this with ssh?



    • iFoneGooner says

      Not sure if I am just dumb – but I cannot find this theme anywhere!! Curious to see just how good it is as iElegance will take some beating as far as I am concerned. Checked ICY, Cydia and google with no luck. File link would be appreciated ;-)

  12. I can’t download this from the repo cause I keep getting size mismatch m5sum or something. Can some one upload it in a zip file so I can download it, please :)

    • You can find a zip on the site (google I’eleglance iPhone theme)

    • iFoneGooner says

      I got the size mismatch when trying to up-date iElegence to 1.1 so I uninstalled version 1.01 and reinstalled 1.1 via ICY and it is now working ;-)

  13. I have a 2g iPhone running firmware 2.1. After installing i’Elegance, the number pads on the scientific calculator had gone missing! Anybody out there kind enough to offer help? Thanks in advance…..

  14. okay, I use WinSCP to SSH into my iphone, what I recomend is once you find the theme in your iphone through SSH, create a folder in your donwloads categories in your computer, name it “iphone themes”. Now just drag and drop the theme from your iphone section into the folder you have create it in your computer. Why do this? because you can see exactly what that theme has, its all folders, try this first then you will know what you can delete on your iphone, as far as the codes go, the best way to learn is by reading them and connecting the dotes, trust me its much easier than it looks.

  15. Ronald van der Lee says

    how do you remove the lock slidebar from the lockscreen?

  16. Cydia reports MD5sum mismatch on this package….Why ? Thanks …

  17. How do you get rid of the idiotic keyboard they have “generously” provided? I love my full kwerty keyboard – why would I (or anyone) want this compressed keyboard?


  18. hey, I want their provided keyboard to be transparent. anyone know how to do this?

  19. BarsOverBeats says

    Thanks for the article. I created iElegance. It will be available with a whole new revised keyboard, Slider theme, 700 icons, Weather Icon theme, Live Clock ready!! You can get it through the modmyi cydia repo. Whoever made the comment about iNinja being better is confused. The creators of Ininja took my icons and put ugly glyphs in them really disgracing them!! Anyways, Version 1.5 should be in cydia within the next couple days.


    • 700 icons??
      were are all thoose icons??
      when i installed iElegance PRO,,all it did was change a bit of my icons in the way they look,,not that i dont like it;) but if i can choose between others it might be worth looking into……can u tell me how please??

  20. Ronald van der Lee says

    fantastic theme. thank you. Is it possible to create a 24hrs clock? would be great!!

  21. why doesnt icy launch after installing winterboard do i have to turn off power and then it back on

  22. nice theme but why does sbsettings not changing it is the same old one..Thanks

  23. My iPod icon is black (yours in the photo blue) and my phone icon is a keypad (yours is a handset) any ideas why or how i could get mine to look like yours?

  24. Hello! I love iElegance. It’s packed with everything I need but it’s a bit too laggy. I however like the SMS sound a lot! I really want to know the name of this sound or if it exists
    Somewhere in cydia by itself. Some1 please message me! Thank you :)

  25. i have a question…

    i actually LIKE the keyboard generously provided but..
    the keyboard only appears in cydia and installer.
    but it doesn’t appear in notes, mail, or any other apps.


  26. Dragonista says

    please help me, after installing the awesome iElegance my slide to unlock is off center to the right, how can i fix that, ive googled it but cannot find a solution, did anyone have this problem? thanks in advance

    • Barsoverbeats says

      Just enable the iElegance Slider theme in winterboard and drag it above the iElegance theme… ;)

  27. hi there, just having a trouble uninstalling ielegance. I deleted the files through cydia and uninstall winterboard, and i reboot my iphone 2g (OS 3.0) and it won’t turn on again :S. Do you know guys know what’s happening, i tried to restore my iphone through itunes and it doensn’t work, and tried to put it in DFU mode and doesn’t work either. Please someone help.

  28. This may be a simple fix..but I am new to all of this!! Currently, my background for ielegance is the clock and date in the silver box. But for some reason half of the date is out of the box. I also noticed when I typed in my password the black dots were at the top of the box and not in the middle. I know this sounds anal retentive.. I was just hoping for an easy fix!

  29. Hi…its a lovely theme….but how do i cancel the voice in my phone dial pad??????

  30. BS…you need to SSH into your phone with iphonebrowser and navigate to the library>themes>ielegance folder. Save the wallpaper.html file to your comp and open it with notepad. Scroll down to the part where it lists the months and days. Edit the file either abbreviating the month or the day and then save. Drag the file back into the iphone browser window and close iphonebrowser. Respring and then you will be done.

  31. today is thursday, september 10. i know this because my computer says so, because i sure can’t see it on my background. according to my phone, it’s “hursday, September”. i’m sorry, i think this is a great theme, but there’s nothing “i’elegant” about a box that doesn’t contain its text

  32. hallo zusammen. habe das theme auch auf meinem iphone. aber wie bekomme ich das mit den icons so hin das die erste reihe frei bleibt? die gehen doch immer automatisch von obern links nach unten rechts durch…

    wäre cool wenn mir das einer sagen könnte…

  33. ch1n0bl1ng says

    i have the inav crazy black theme and was wondering y doesnt my sms icon change like all the others can u change the city for the weather

  34. How did u get the slide down window like in the last screenshot?


  36. hi guys
    i have a link here that id like you to look at,,reason is,,this guy has a beautiful/cool style on his text in his device,but i really cant find it anywere:( i have font swap,,but i cant there either,,plus he has this valkyrian wings as wifi bar,,can it be dl for iphone as well,,or do i have to recize it and then use open ssh to get it as a wifibar there??

    but first of all..look at this link please,,its from you tube
    2nd..i really love this iElegance theme
    i even bought the PRO version from cydia(saurik);)
    cheers,and hope for good responce about this text style


  37. I installed ielegance pro on a jailbroke 3.1 phone and none of the icons were updated. Everything else seems to be working, just no new icons. Any pointers?


  38. Same problem… :-(

  39. I downloaded winterboard
    I added the modmyi source
    i downloaded i’elegence
    I restarted the phone, and i cant find i’elegence in my themes on winterboard

    Help me please!!!!