iAnonymize – Hide or Blur Images in Photos

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iAnonymize iAnonymize is an app that allows you to hide or blur parts of photos that you don’t want other people to see. So if you took a picture of your car and don’t want to broadcast your license plate number or you or one of your friends are soon to be featured on America’s Most Wanted and you would like to conceal their identity…this would be your app.

There are two different types of boxes you can use. The first one is where it pixelizes the area you select and the other is where it just puts a blank box (ranging in shades of grey) over the selected area. You can adjust the level of each via the slider at the top of the screen. You choose the area by touching the screen on the photo and then moving and sizing the box much like zooming and moving in Safari and you toggle between the two box settings with the icon to the left of center at the bottom. You can also zoom and move around the photo by toughing the icon at the bottom in the center. When you save the photo it saves a new file to your camera roll and preserves you original file.

A couple things I don’t like about the app is that when you want to edit the photo on either the very top or the very bottom you have to do it with the slider and tool bar in the way and I’ve had it crash a few times too but that maybe a result of something else on my iPhone. It would also be sweet if you could rotate the box to better fit the photo and draw on the photo much like a brush in Photoshop. Other than that though its a pretty sweet app!



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  1. Update: I was informed this morning via Twitter by one of our friends from the Ukraine that you can hide the tool boxes while you are editing the photo by double tapping! so that solves that problem. :)

  2. Da187suspect says

    This app worked fine for me, except for saving the picture. I can see itin my Photo albums list as being the preview pic, howver, when I go into that album, the picture isn’t there, weird!