aTimeTool – Set Timers for Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Available In: Cydia       Price: 3 Day Trial then $5.99  

aTimeTool aTimeTool is an application that allows you to set a timers that allow the ability to turn on/off your iPhone or iPod Touch’s Airplane mode, Bluetooth and WiFi. It is a pretty simple application. Once installed you have four options; Airplane Mod, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Settings.

In each option (Airplane Mod, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) you are able to set timers in which you can control when each will be turned on/off. When you add a timer (using the + icon) you have the option to make it a repeating timer…say you want your Bluetooth to turn on from 6:30am -7:30am every Mon, Wed and Fri. You can also set up multiple timers….say you want your Bluetooth to turn on from 6:30am -7:30am every Mon, Wed and Fri and from 4:30pm -5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You could create two timers to do that. Or, you can just create one timer that does not repeat.

You do have to be careful when setting up the timers, if your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always enabled, you will have to put the off time before the on time. So, if you want your Wi-Fi disabled between 12:00pm -1:00pm everyday, you will have to set the off time as 12:00pm and the on time as 1:00pm. It feels a little backwards but, that is how it works.

In the Settings, you are able to activate/deactivate the entire Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. This would work great if you have a few timers for, lets say the Bluetooth option, but today you want your Bluetooth on all day…you could just completely turn off the Bluethooth option for today so that none of your timers would be active.

Overall, a pretty simple application that is easy to use and does what it says it is going to. I had no problems at all with this app. Whether it is worth $5.99 (USD) I’m not sure, that’s your call.

You can get aTimeTool via the iSpazio source.


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  1. I think this kind of app is useless, when I want to turn on/off the bluetooth… I just use SBSettings, only two taps, (a swipe and a tap:)
    an ipod timer would come in handy

  2. In my opinion this could definitely come in handy. Everyday I go to school I turn airplane mode on, it’s always kind of a hassle as I don’t want to forget but I mostly do…

  3. It is useful app indeed:
    — you can put iphone in Airplane mode to get some rest at night;
    — switch WiFi off when you are out from coverage, to save battery.

  4. I want this app!!! But I don’t want to jailbreak for it. Will it ever be available in app store?

  5. This is a great app. Not only placing your iphone into airplane mode when you sleep, what to think about the fact you go to your work everyday and want your BT carkit automatically connect to you iphone. When you are at work, BT automatically shuts off and saves some battery. When you are off work, it goes on and when you step into you car, everything has been setup.

    A must have!!

  6. there is a similar program from the same person that created aTimeTool called iPhoneTool from BigBoss in Cydia

  7. This should be in appstore like years ago