11 Page SpringBoard on Firmware 3.0

11 Page SpringBoard One feature of the 3.0 firmware that is pretty cool is that you can now have 11 pages of applications on your SpringBoard instead of the previous 9 pages (screenshot below). Which means you can now have 180 applications at your fingertips where previously you could only have 150. I know some of you probably use Categories so you do not use all 9 pages anyway but, for those people who are not jailbroke…it might be a nice feature of the new firmware. Though, I have found that the more apps I install the slower my iPhone gets but, I might be able to blame that on the jailbroke apps.

Thanks to aly for pointing this out!



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  1. Pretty cool. I wonder why Apple pick random numbers like 9 and 11. You think it would have been 10 in the first place.

    • you cant center an even number (the middle would be an empty spot if it was even).

    • pineappleshow says

      of corse you can center an even number on a screen that is 320 px wide. By the way with the new spotlight icon (the little magnifying glass) it is an even number AND IT STILL REMAINS CENTERED RIGHT?

  2. Until the hard drive is full I cannot see why there should be a limit at all to the number of pages. Is there an explanation for this?

  3. i feel that you should be able to have as many pages as you want but i agree, i only have 2.5 pages (including all the stock icons) and i still feel everything isnt as snappy. and i have the 16 GB 3G, so you cant blame it on the memory cause ihave only 1500 songs

  4. It is memory—memory of the processor. The 3g has 128 while the 3gs has 250 thus the 3gs will be more faster