Restoring iWork Files Lost When Switching to iCloud

With the new option to sync my devices to iCloud instead of my computer, it sounded like a great idea. The problem was, after a couple days of being synced to the “cloud”, all my files in Keynote, Pages & Numbers disappeared on all my devices. I have my iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S all syncing and it was awesome to watch my files push in to my devices and cross sync between them the first time. When I opened Pages a few days later and all the files vanished. I was not happy. I have a couple major documents on there and I was trying to remember where I might have backed them up. I know I had emailed myself some files just incase something happened but I was having trouble finding them in my email and I know it wasn’t all my files from all devices from all three apps. [Read more…]

How to Get More Than 11 Pages of Apps (No Jailbreak)

Apple iPhone SchoolA while back a friend of mine text me these instructions on how to get more than 11 pages of apps on my iPhone. I now have 13 thanks to the hack so here’s the guide. From what I see, there is no jailbreak required to do this.

1. Create 11 pages of apps by dragging apps to all pages. There can be blank spots.
2. Fill the first page & last page full of apps.
3. Drag the Voice Memos app to the very last page and last location in the bottom right. (Not on the dock)
4. Move one app up from the dock so the Voice Memos app gets bumped off. Hit the home button so they stop wiggling.
5. Hold down power button and turn off. Turn back on.

That’s it! When iPhone boots up it should create a new page. It seems the best amount is 19 pages. That way you can still see all the dots :) I’ve also heard that it doesn’t work on older firmware. I’m using 3.1.2.




Update: I’ve updated the instructions for #2. I added that you need the first page to be full of apps also.

11 Page SpringBoard on Firmware 3.0

11 Page SpringBoard One feature of the 3.0 firmware that is pretty cool is that you can now have 11 pages of applications on your SpringBoard instead of the previous 9 pages (screenshot below). Which means you can now have 180 applications at your fingertips where previously you could only have 150. I know some of you probably use Categories so you do not use all 9 pages anyway but, for those people who are not jailbroke…it might be a nice feature of the new firmware. Though, I have found that the more apps I install the slower my iPhone gets but, I might be able to blame that on the jailbroke apps.

Thanks to aly for pointing this out!
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SpringJumps – Jump Directly to a Specified Page of your SpringBoard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpringJump SpringJumps is a new application that allows you to quickly jump to a particular page of your SpringBoard. When you install SpringJump, it will add an icon for the application to your SpringBoard along with 9 icons with arrows on them. The arrow icons are the icons that will spring you to a specified SpringBoard page. For example, the icon with an arrow and the number 6 on it will spring you to the seventh page of your SpringBoard when tapped (the icon with the number 0 will bring you to the Home page of your SpringBoard).
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