AT&T Answers Consumer Questions

##ICON_NAME## AT&T recently posted a link to a PDF on Twitter. The PDF attempts to answer the numerous questions that AT&T customer have regarding the iPhone 3GS. Below are a few of the Q&A from the PDF. To view the entire PDF, check out THIS link.

My kids and I are on a FamilyTalk plan. I’m not eligible for an upgrade for iPhone 3GS but one of my kids is upgrade ready. Can I swap lines and take his upgrade eligibility on the 19th? Will I need to start a new two-year service agreement?
Yes, you can rearrange your account to take advantage of your child’s upgrade eligibility – and yes, you will need to sign a new 2-year service agreement.
If I’m switching from a competitor, what do I need to do?

Am I eligible for an upgrade?
Upgrades are based on a number of factors including the outstanding time left on your service agreement, payment history and other factors. Check online, visit our store, or dial *639# from your AT&T handset for information about if or when you may be eligible for an upgrade.
Questions from our Customers

Even if you’re not yet eligible, you still have a number of choices:
    • Wait until you are eligible…
    • Pay the early-upgrade price for iPhone 3GS…
    • Purchase iPhone 3GS at the no commitment price…
    • Or, continue to use your current iPhone 3G, which is eligible for the free upgrade to the new software on June 17 and has many compelling new features. Learn more by visiting

Will AT&T offer MMS and tethering?
Later this summer, as part of the 3.0 software, AT&T will make multimedia messaging (MMS) available at no extra cost to customers with a text messaging bundle. And, in the future, AT&T will offer tethering capability for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.

Can I buy it and use it on another carrier?
We do offer No Commitment pricing, however, iPhones sold in the United States are configured to work only with the wireless services provided by AT&T.

Here’s the No Commitment pricing for both devices:
    • iPhone 3GS (16 GB): $599
    • iPhone 3GS (32 GB): $699
    • iPhone 3G (8 GB): $499
    • iPhone 3G (16 GB): $549 (while supplies last)

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  1. I am very suprised that MMS will be free…. and very skeptical.

    • Why? It will be part of your text messeging bundle just like any other phone. If at&t decided to charge a premium for iPhone users to send MMS and not blackberry or Windows OS phones i think iPhone users would riot.

    • Why is this surprising? Seems completely logical to me. MMS have been bundled with txt for as long as I can remember, its just that now the Iphone is MMS capable.

  2. Thanks for the Information Link.

    Much Appreciated!

  3. This was more than helpful. I just saved myself from having to pay $500 for the upgrade thanks to the first question! I just checked and it seems I can upgrade my brother’s phone (which used to be mine, but had to give up so I could create a new line with my iPhone 3G) for the smaller price of $300.

  4. AT&T will do what it wants when it wants, there is nothing any of us subscribers can do, except, switch.

  5. i really dont understand.
    i got the iphone in october 2007, had that for a year and in december ’08 i RESIGNED a NEW 2 year contract and got the 16GB 3G for $299….. the “new contract price”
    if the “new contract price” for the 3Gs is 199/299 why cant i just sign a new contract again?
    i am NOT going to pay $600!

    • iLove my iPhone says

      becuase this way they make sure they have you for 2 yrs on your old contract and 2 yrs on your new contract = 4 yrs rather than 1 yr on your old contract and 2 yrs on your new contract = 3 yrs. 4> 3 = more money for them guranteed

    • What don’t you understand? The first iphone was not discounted. The 2nd one was, and the standard in the wireless industry is 2 year contracts, usually around 2 years (sometimes before) into your contact you are eligible for a discount again. You used your 2 year discount on the Iphone3g, now you have to wait. The real question is why WOULD They give you a discount one year later after the huge discount they gave you on the Iphone 3g?


    • Stevey101 says

      I can see what you are saying, i just don’t know if there is enough of an upgrade from the 3G to 3GS, however, saying this in all caps is probably not needed.

    • iLove my iPhone says

      all the new features are purely software related and they wont put them on regular 3.0 o/s voice control is availabel now on the app store, and we have had a video camera with cydia ever since gen 1. hopefully some hackers will release these software mods on cydia like they did with google maps street view for the ipod touch

  7. I was so eager 2 get my hands on an iPhone I rushed out and got 1 last wk, not realizing they would be releasing the iPhone 3GS, now I gotta wait 2yrs, oops shoulda done my homework

    • You have 30 days to cancel your account without penalty. I would do that and then go re-sign up to get a 3G S.

    • FYI! You do have 30 days to return/exchange your iPhone 3G from the date of purchase meaning you can trade your 3G for a 3G S…check your local AT&T or Apple store, depending where you purchased it.

    • Any ideas how much iphone 3GS is on 2yr contract

    • Cory Gillmore says

      199 for 16gb 3GS. 299 for 32gb 3GS. Like the others said, take that iPhone 3G back asap! You should just be able to straight up trade it in for a 3GS preorder.

  8. How much is it to cancel an AT&T contract?

    • Cancelling a contract from AT&T will cost you 175$ with a 5$ decrease each month you stay in that contract.

  9. I just bought an iPhone 3g about 6 weeks ago. no upgrade option . Sucks

    • If you purchased the phone on May 9 and on, you can still request for an upgrade but if you purchased it just a few days before the 9th of May then you can perhaps request some credit since the pricing for the 3G have change.

  10. So, I can buy an iphone 3gs for 600$ without any contract from at&t and take it to my country(Bulgaria)? Then I’ll buy turbosim to unlock and wait for jailbreak and activation. Is that right?

    • You can but if I were you, I will just just wait for the unlocked version of the 3G S when apple releases it to other countries later this year…This way you don’t have to worry about locking up the phone whenever there’s a new software release from apple.

  11. does this mean i can buy a non commited phone in us and use it anywhere without having to unblock?

    • No, the phone sold by AT&T only works for that network. The non-commitment option is only for the contract issues, you will still need to unlock the phone if you wanted to use it on a network other than AT&T.

  12. Shouldn’t this article be titled “AT&T blows off consumers?”

  13. Rome,
    Thanks for the reply about May 9th purchase date for upgrade. I bought mine on May 8th, ATT says no way. This Still sucks. My luck.

    • Not a problem, I feel your pain…But make sure you get some kind of credit for it since the pricing have change for the 3G.

  14. How do I get credit? Who do I talk to?

    • I would contact AT&T 800 number and explain to them about the time of your purchase and the new 3G pricing how unfair it was not knowing that a new phone are coming along with the price change….A friend of mine who purchase the 3G on the first week of May got a 75$ credit since AT&T wont allow the 3G S upgrade due to the 30 days trial already expired.

  15. jatin patel says

    i need iphone 3gs 8 gb in india so it is possible in 99 us dollar buy online without at&t contract or i have alredy at&t means idea connection so reply me