AT&T, Unlimited Data & The Truth

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. AT&T has gone off the deep end here. They are removing the unlimited data from smartphones, including the iPhone, and the iPad. If you already have unlimited, you can keep it. But is that it? Is it all that simple? No. There are a lot of questions I had and here’s what I’ve found as answers.

New plan changes:

DataPlus – 200 MB of data for $15 per month. If you use more than 200 MB, you’ll receive an additional 200 MB of data usage for $15, replenished as often as necessary during the billing cycle.

DataPro – 2 GB of data for $25 per month. If you exceed 2 GB, you’ll get an additional 1 GB of data for only $10. Each time an additional 1 GB is used up during a cycle, you will automatically receive another 1 GB at the same low price.

This is just the beginning of it all. 200MB of additional data for $15 but the other plan is only $10 for another 1GB (1,000MB). This is just stupid. [Read more…]

PDANet SBSettings Toggle

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PDANet Toggle PDANet Toggle allows you to easily toggle PDANet, a tethering application, on and off. When you install the application, the toggle is automatically added into your SBSettings’ toggles. I’m not sure if this allows you to close PDANet while connected (without using Backgrounder) and still tether to your computer or if it is just a toggle for the actual app…when on, you can use PDANet, when off, you cannot. I’m not sure because, when I tested it (a million time!!) I couldn’t get it to work but, I’m not going to blame that on the toggle…I blame it on my lame AT&T connection! Let me know in the comments if it worked for you. You can get PDANet Toggle via the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

Tethering Early on 3.0 Without Jailbreak

AT&TI so got this to work. Just go to this site: and follow the steps. Pretty sure AT&T, O2 and others are not going to like it so I’d be careful. We only have AT&T EDGE here so it was pretty slow but it worked with a Macbook over bluetooth!


AT&T Answers Consumer Questions

##ICON_NAME## AT&T recently posted a link to a PDF on Twitter. The PDF attempts to answer the numerous questions that AT&T customer have regarding the iPhone 3GS. Below are a few of the Q&A from the PDF. To view the entire PDF, check out THIS link. [Read more…]

PdaNet 1.50 Update (Tethering)

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PdaNetPdaNet has recently updated to version 1.50. You can now tether using the USB cable instead of Wifi. This will help save battery on both the iPhone and the laptop you are using. Also, when connected via USB you can ssh or scp using the address “my.iPhone”. Finally, if your iPhone switches from 3G or EDGE to Wifi it will continue to share to the computer when using USB. These are all great, useful features and I recommend updating soon!

PdaNet – iPhone Tethering Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PdaNetI finally got some time to go on vacation so I thought I would try out PdaNet. It’s an application that shares your cellular internet connection to your laptop via Wifi. Note that I’m on a PC running Windows XP. I’m not sure the process for Vista or Mac.

First, install the app from Cydia. Then change your wifi connection on your laptop to adhoc. To do this right click on your wireless connection in the task bar down by the clock, then select “View Available Wireless Connections”. Then on the left click “Change Advanced Settings”. Another window will open; select the “Wireless Networks” tab and then the “Advanced” button. Here you will change to adhoc connection. This will allow you to connect your iPhone’s wifi directly to your laptop without a router. [Read more…]