Apple’s New Icon Layout

iPhone 3GS Icon Layout I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not but, Apple seems to have rearranged the icons on the iPhone. The 3.0 firmware adds a Voice Memos application. Instead of adding the Voice Memos app at the end, they add it to the third row of apps and then rearrange the entire third row of apps. Previously it went Clock, Calculator, Notes and Settings now, they have it as Voice Memos, Notes, Clock, Calculator. Why in the world would they do that?? Why not just add the Voice Memos application to the end and leave the rest of the apps alone? Especially since they add the new Compass application to the end of the apps on the iPhone 3GS….they didn’t add it amongst the already exciting apps. Totally weird.

Personally, I’m totally going to have to rearrange them so that they are “normal.” I’m waaaay to used to it the way it is now…I would go to use the Calculator and open Notes instead.

Just an observation. If you think you have some logical reason as to why Apple would change the icons to the new order, let me know in the comments. Will you keep them in the new order?



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  1. No, I’ll rearrange the icons. I put the apps I use the most on my homescreen.

  2. Maybe because notes and ‘voice notes’ are similar?

  3. honestly i didnt think anyone left them stock anyway. i rearrange and poof half the stock icons.

    • I always leave my first page stock and then rearrange the rest on the pages following.

    • LOL Brooke, I thought I was the ONLY ONE THAT DID THAT! The only reason I do it is because I was so trained by the 1s tGen iPhone… BEFORE they even allowed icon arrangement. Also Jailbroken themes use the stock arrangement 90% of the time.

    • I leave the first page stock. When I installed FCSB I put a column if blank icons down the middle of the first page to keep the stock layout. :)

    • I keep the first page stock as well, it’s just more organized for me that way I’ll be changing it back once I upgrade as well.

    • I leave my first page the same as well. The only non-stock app would be cydia. I think that it gives off the look of the Iphone.

  4. i just wont bother and search for everything using the new spotlight thing

    • This is very true. I use it all the time for apps that are not on my first 2 or 3 screens.

    • I put the apps that I use most often on the first page and spotlight for anything else. I couldn’t deal with stock, the first thing to leave my dock when I first got the device was the phone application. I hardly use that app at all.

  5. i never knew what is the layout of these icons. I have my own since minute one and I re-arrange the apps as soon as I need one more than the others.

    when i’ll have spotlight i won’t even bother opening some of the apps.

    one other cool thing i do is hide the ones that i really do not use un weeks. i only keep 2 or 3 screens and the 5-icon dock.

  6. well apple did that because voice memos and notes are really similar…also they moved the settings icon to the bottom left because itsnt that where u would normally have a settings app…not in the middle of the screen but on the bottom corner…thats just my opinion its soo anoyyinngg tho i keep opening up other icons cause of the stock icons rearrangement..(i have the 3.0gm)

  7. My front page is stock, a little moved around, with cydia and winterboard added.

    I dunno if its just me but it feels so weird using someone else’s iPhone?!
    I was trying to sort out the other half’s iPhone and it was a mission just to find where the settings were as opposed to mine!!

  8. I have 3.0 on my ipt2g and the icons have been changed drastically.. But i like it(:

  9. I can’t believe this matters to you. The world is caving in, and you’re worried about icon placement.

    • hahahah. very true rje.

      not sure about caving in and all,but yea,not that big of a deal.

      but so interesting really,glad we can re-arrange stuff though,imagine if we all could not?

      that would cave it all!

  10. Ben Davis says

    I won’t change it – I always spend ages searching around for the icons anyway lol
    I never learnt where they all were

  11. interesting. I did the update and it dumped my voice memo icon at the end after app store and my 3rd row is the same as before the upgrade.