Apple’s New Icon Layout

iPhone 3GS Icon Layout I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not but, Apple seems to have rearranged the icons on the iPhone. The 3.0 firmware adds a Voice Memos application. Instead of adding the Voice Memos app at the end, they add it to the third row of apps and then rearrange the entire third row of apps. Previously it went Clock, Calculator, Notes and Settings now, they have it as Voice Memos, Notes, Clock, Calculator. Why in the world would they do that?? Why not just add the Voice Memos application to the end and leave the rest of the apps alone? Especially since they add the new Compass application to the end of the apps on the iPhone 3GS….they didn’t add it amongst the already exciting apps. Totally weird.

Personally, I’m totally going to have to rearrange them so that they are “normal.” I’m waaaay to used to it the way it is now…I would go to use the Calculator and open Notes instead. [Read more…]