iWildFlowers – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iWildFlowers iwildflowerstheme2 The iWildFlowers theme contains a wallpaper, dock, status bar, lock background, lock battery and 239 icons. It is a nicely designed, girly them! YAY for girly themes! :) It is compatible with firmware 3.0 and below. If you would like to use the WeatherIcon mod in conjunction with the iWildFlowers theme, you can install the Transparent Weather Icon via the modmyifone source. You will also need to install a WeatherIcon theme…I like the Katra-based Weather Icon theme via the david.ashman.com source.

How to Install

1. Your device must be jailbroken. (how?)
2. Make sure you have WinterBoard installed via Cydia.
2. Make sure you have the modmyi source installed in Cydia.
3. Search for iWildFlowers in Cydia, run the install.
4. Open WinterBoard and activate the iWildFlowers theme.


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  1. nice theme, i like it

  2. colour harmony 0,0000 brrrrr

  3. Allen Shull says

    Dunno about the background and lockscreen, but the icons are merely a color-shifted version of David Lanham’s Bluebird theme… seems like this should be mentioned somewhere.

  4. hi, this theme is really nice :)
    i have installed all but i haven’t all the cool icons like the figures…. how can i do? anyone can help me? :)

  5. i relly LOVE this theme, the colors look great together, and the background has just enough elements to it!!!!