SlideRules – Puzzle Game

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SlideRules Growing up, I used to love those little number puzzles that you’d get in “goody-bags” where you would try to position little plastic number pieces in the correct order on a plastic square. When I received the application SlideRules by AntHill Games, I initially thought that this game would be similar to those nostalgic games. After playing with the app, I learned that SlideRules actually offered more than just a one time opportunity to have fun.

Upon first loading the game, you are presented with a variety of games. The tutorial mode offers a nice way to get started. The instructions are housed in the game, so you don’t have to wait impatiently staring at a load screen. Practice mode gives you an opportunity to hone your skills based on the number of moves you choose. The real game begins with classic mode, and here you begin the task of advancing through numerous stages. The goal of each game is to complete a defined task such as getting all of the circled numbers to be even, odd, greater than, less than, or equal to a certain number. You accomplish this by sliding a row of numbers left/right/up/down. The game keeps track of the number of moves you use, and thus, the lower the better. Added challenges as you progress make the game increasingly difficult, and new options such as bombs, walls, and changing numbers make the game a bit more interesting. Survival mode calls for a certain number of challenges to be completed in a set amount of time.

SlideRules impressed with its simple design and execution. There were no problems with stability and the app doesn’t take up much space. Load time was a matter of seconds, and the game was very easy to learn. I always like it when tutorials are found within the game and not through an outside website. I also appreciated the changes that come as you progress in the game. The additional challenges make it so that you won’t be completing the game in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, I just never really got into this game. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of puzzle games. My patience wears thin at times, but I do appreciate a good design and I feel I can spot a game that will be able to hook people and keep gamers engaged. Unfortunately, SlideRules is just not there yet. It tries with the additional quirks such as bombs, walls, plus/minus symbols. However, the core of the game just never really appealed to me, so I wasn’t as motivated to continue exploring what additional challenges awaited me.

At $1.99, there are far worse apps and games that you could purchase. However, based on my experience and lack of motivation when playing, I cannot enthusiastically recommend SlideRules for purchase just yet. It’s interesting that in the game’s description, the makers write “Are you bored easily?” and then follow up with how SlideRules is the game for you. Well, I’d beg to differ, and since there’s a free lite version, I’d suggest that you check this out before spending $2 only to find that SlideRules may add to your boredom instead of curing it.



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