Nearest Tube – Real-Time Map and Directions

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nearesttubelogo Now, this is a sweet application. Nearest Tube, from acrossair, uses the iPhone 3GS video camera, GPS and Compass to give Lodoners a real-time map and directions on where the nearest metro stations are. Very cool. The app is still in the approval stage and is currently only available for the London underground. Check out the description below and a few demo videos.

One of the first augmented reality apps to go live in the iPhone AppStore. Forget boring 2D tube maps! Try this amazing new application that tells Londoners where their nearest tube station is via their iPhones video function.

When you load the app, holding it flat, all 13 lines of the London underground are displayed in coloured arrows. By tilting the phone upwards, you will see the nearest stations: what direction they are in relation to your location, how many kilometres and miles away they are and what tube lines they are on. If you continue to tilt the phone upwards, you will see stations further away, as stacked icons. Only available to Apple iPhone 3GS users.

Launches as soon as Apple approves it!

Check out their website for more info.

Video Demos

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