Arcade Park – 8 Arcade Games in One App

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

##ICON_NAME## HeroCraft has released info on an application called Arcade Park. The application will contain 8 popular arcade games. Games like; Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter and Galaxy Invaders. The game has been submitted to the App Store so, we should see it in the next week or so. No info on pricing yet but, with 8 games in 1 app…it should be worth the money! Below is the full press release and screenshots.

HeroCraft announces the forthcoming release of the legendary collection of arcade games 8 in 1: Arcade Park for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Arcade Park collection has been carefully designed to revive legendary games from the past – this pack represents great value with 8 arcade games in one! Classics such as Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter and Galaxy Invaders are available alongside military games Real Tanx and Riverside Assault.

Game features:

- Eight different games in one collection
- High-quality animation and graphics
- Various game modes
- Many bonuses, enemies and surprises
- Customizable controls
- The chance to create a record for inclusion in the hall of fame

The detailed information about the game, including screenshots and trailer are available on the game page.



  1. Fort Lee says:

    Looks like an interesting app with some of my favorite arcade games, like you said, should be worth the money.

    It seems that too games will be accelerometer based which could be fun or a complete disaster to play.

    The only problem that I have with it right now is that it seems that the control to move the characters are on the right of the action buttons, which is backwards from most normal game controllers. That could take a while to get used to. Hope the include a setting to switch that.

  2. Hmm that may mean you have a firewall or some other suetricy software preventing data from getting through. You could try disabling stuff like that on your router and see if that helps. Another thing worth trying is creating a network directly on your mac ( Create Network under the airport menu) and connecting your iOS device directly to that. It’s kind of tedious, but one upside is that data will be going straight to your Mac so your latency should be really low.

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