Arcade Park – 8 Arcade Games in One App

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

##ICON_NAME## HeroCraft has released info on an application called Arcade Park. The application will contain 8 popular arcade games. Games like; Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter and Galaxy Invaders. The game has been submitted to the App Store so, we should see it in the next week or so. No info on pricing yet but, with 8 games in 1 app…it should be worth the money! Below is the full press release and screenshots. [Read more…]

SdlRoids 1.0.0

SdlRoids SdlRoids is an game base on Asteroids. When you open the application it will take you directly into the game. You move the ship left by tapping on the lower left side of your iPhone’s screen. You move the ship right by tapping on the lower right side of your iPhone’s screen. You shoot by tapping in the lower middle part of your iPhone’s screen and you move forward by tapping anywhere in the upper half of your iPhone’s screen. It took about five minutes of Doug explaining this application to me before I got it and I’m still not sure I totally understand. But, as you all know, I’m not huge on shooter games (crazy boys)! Below is a demo video. You can get SdlRoids through the ModMyiFone source.
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