An 8GB iPhone 3GS Coming Soon?

Apple The guys over at the BoyGenuisReport say that they have had a few tips recently indicating that Apple is gearing up to release an 8GB iPhone 3GS. It seems Rogers in Canada is “in the process of shipping iPhone 3GS 8GB flavor handsets to stores.” I’m not big into unconfirmed tips and what not but, it seems the they do have a few images that are slightly more convincing.

The info in the image (which apparently looks to be some sort of memo) says:

Rogers has now launched the iPhone 3GS in 8GB Black (120080). Effective immediately, this will be ordere… (120050). In order to complete a smooth transition over to the new piece, inventory levels of the 3G version v… out of stock of an 8GB model. Please keep in mind that we are aiming to reduce our inventory levels signific… model and would ask that as you receive the new SKU that you continue to sell out of the older version prior…

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this strategy, please email…

Thank you all ahead of time for your help in making this a smooth and easy transition.

Transition du Rogers 8GB vers le 3GS

8gb3gs 8gb3gs2

See full article HERE.

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  1. Well if this is true, then I’m getting one.

  2. nope i doubt $99

  3. It will be $99. Rogers will discontinue the 3G.

  4. WTFudge? Why would Apple even make an 8g 3GS?