8GB iPhone 3GS Confirmed?

##ICON_NAME## Last week, I wrote about a rumor that strongly indicated the release of an 8GB iPhone 3GS. Well, it seems that the guys over at MacRumors have confirmed this rumor. Apparently, on Roger’s website, there is now a comparison of the iPhone 3GS that includes an 8GB version of the phone. So I guess that the leaked Rogers internal memo from last week was the real deal!

Read full post HERE.

Check it out on Roger’s website HERE.

rogerscompare3 rogerscompare

This image compares the iPhone 3GS and 3G. The comparison shows that the iPhone 3GS is available in both White and Black and all three versions (32GB, 16GB and 8GB) where the iPhone 3G is only available in a Black 8GB version.

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  1. I just sold my 16gb 3GS for $600 on ebay. If its only $99, i’ll get the 8gb 3GS when its released since I have an upgrade available on Sept 10! Woo!

  2. Well, I just checked their site and apparently someone messed up somewhere because the 8GB is not show available for the 3GS now. Hmmm?

    • Your right… they removed the check mark. Interesting. I guess we will have to wait and see if Apple announces anything.