Popup Blocker Update – Additional Pop Ups, 14 Day Trial

Available In: Cydia       Price: $0.99  

Popup Blocker Some where along the line I missed the update forPopup Blocker, an application that allows you to block/control the pop ups on your iPhone or iPod touch. As I’m going back through and reinstalling all my favorite apps (due to the fact that I shattered my iPhone a few days ago)… I realized that it had an update. So here you go, a little late!

The update to version 1.0.3 of Popup Blocker adds a few new features and includes a bug fixe. You are now able to block/control Push Notification pop ups and Call Permission Alert pop ups. The update also fixes an issue with the Wake on Alert option. Another new feature I noticed is that the app now has a 14 day trial… I’m pretty sure it didn’t have a trial in the previous version. However, if you use the 14 day trial, I guarantee you will be hooked and end up buying the app. At $0.99, it’s well worth it! You can get Popup Blocker via the modmyi source.

For a full review of the app… check out THIS post.


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  1. Nice! I was looking for something to block the call alert pop ups


  1. […] Popup Blocker dostępny jest w Cydii, za 0.99$. Można jednak korzystać z aplikacji w wersji trial przez 14 dni. źródło: appleiphoneschool.com […]