New Poll – Do you use the passcode lock on your iPhone and/or iPod touch?

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – What type of App Store applications do you tend to install most often? Below are the results.

* Books/Education Apps (Math Flash Cards, The Love Dare… ) (6.0%, 36 Votes)
* Business/Finance Apps (Job Search, PayPal… ) (7.0%, 40 Votes)
* Entertainment Apps (Backgrounds, Bubblewrap… ) (21.0%, 121 Votes)
* Games (Fieldrunners, Enigmo, Flight Control… ) (68.0%, 387 Votes)
* Kids Apps (Balloonamals, Preschool Adventure… ) (3.0%, 16 Votes)
* Medical/Healthcare Apps (iFitness, Lose It!, MedCalc… ) (6.0%, 37 Votes)
* Music Apps (Pandora, Ocarina… ) (22.0%, 123 Votes)
* Navigation/Travel Apps (Google Earth, GPS Tracker… ) (17.0%, 97 Votes)
* News Apps (NYTimes, BNO News… ) (12.0%, 66 Votes)
* Photography Apps (ColorSplash, CameraZoom… ) (16.0%, 93 Votes)
* Productivity Apps (ToDo, Evernote… ) (26.0%, 151 Votes)
* Social Networking Apps (Tweetie, Facebook, Skype… ) (29.0%, 167 Votes)
* Sports Apps (ESPN, Sportacular… ) (9.0%, 52 Votes)
* Utility Apps (Flashlight, Units, Air Mouse Pro… ) (37.0%, 210 Votes)
* Weather Apps (WeatherBug, The Weather Channel… ) (12.0%, 71 Votes)

Total Voters: 572

It seems that Games seems to be the most downloaded type of application followed by Utility, Social Networking and Productivity apps. I would say that I tend to install games most often too however, the apps that I use most often would be utility type apps.

You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well.

Ok, the next poll has a story to it.

Today, I left my iPhone in a store for the 1st time ever. I realized my tragic mistake as soon as I turned out of the store’s parking lot. So, I quickly went around the “block,” parked, jumped out of my car and headed inside to see if I had lost my iPhone for good. I knew exactly where I had left it and when I got there… it was gone. I quickly asked the cashier if she had seen it and she said she gave it to the manager. I spotted the manager and realized, to my relief, that he was holding my iPhone in his hand. I then realized that he was doing more than holding it in his hand, him and another manger where playing on it… both had a look that was a mix between confused, awed and guilty. I walked up and asked if they had my iPhone. He handed it to me as he quickly spit out, “We were looking for a way to call you.” I’m not sure if believe that or not. Even if they were, I’m not sure they would have figured out how.

As I walked out of the store, confusion set in as to how they had gotten into my iPhone. I then realized that since I broke my other iPhone and replaced it, I hadn’t put my password back on it. Then I got to thinking that maybe I should leave the password off so people can contact me if they find my iPhone however, I personally prefer the password. So now I’m in a conundrum and do not know if I should have a password or not… I will think about it a while longer. Anyway, that is why I thought of this next poll. Do you use the password feature on your device?

Do you use the passcode lock on your iPhone and/or iPod touch?

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  1. I used to but now I use LockDown instead so I can lock apps like Messages. It just makes it quicker to access my iPhone but I can still have some privacy.

  2. Absolutely. Keeps friends and family from messing with my phone if I’m not watching. :)

    • I also prefer to call it if I lose it: I can’t do it much faster then the person who finds it and has to look in my contact list.

  3. If you’re the type to feel compelled to follow the EULA, I would recommend shelling out $100 a year for MobileMe. Otherwise, jailbreak and get iLocalis. At roughly $25 a year for a premium membership, it offers protection and tracking to recover your lost phone. Both include the ability to remotely lock, backup, and wipe your phone.

  4. Yea, I have the passcode on mine, at 15 min stanby time. I always make sure I have my phone, if something like that was to happen I just I would just text my number along with info to contact me, or just use the mobileme feature. But im a very cautious person and always know where my phone is. KNOCK ON WOOD

  5. I’ve often thought of how if I lost my phone, what a good samaritan could do to see that it is returned. I then realize that I am using my iPhone on an official carrier, and the person could return it to any official ATT store and I would (hopefully) be notified. Now, that is quite a leap of faith to think that it would play out like that. But in th best possible scenario, I would keep tabs on my phone at all times, just like anything that I truly value.

    I have my device passcode locked (after 15 minutes). At least, if someone gets their hands on it, I could text it with info. Also, they wouldn’t be able to access my my personal bits. I don’t want anyone but myself and those that I trust viewing such sensitive material.

  6. i work in a retail environment at which we have cell phones and usb drives left behind all the time.

    the first thing i do when a phone is turned in to me is try to find the address book and figure out who the owner is. sometimes i look for “mom” or “dad” if i can’t easily find the owner. more than once i’ve made blind calls from a found cell phone to “home” and tried to explain why it wasn’t the owner of the phone making the call… (even more amusing is when “home” calls the cell right back to try to let the person know where the phone is. duh! it’s in _my_ hands!)

    so, yeah. some of us are really looking for a way to reunite the phone with its owner, not just being nosy. well, i guess technically we _are_ being nosy… but with good intentions. the alternative is we toss the phone in the lost and found and forget about it. you keep calling it until the battery runs down and then you’ll never know where you lost it. 30 days pass and we toss it in a donation box or something.

  7. I passcode lock my iPod touch. However one thing I find really annoying is that there is no option as far as I can tell to instantly lock the device.

  8. FriedPinkElephant says

    I passcoded my phone. I have mobileme “find my iphone” service in case I need to find it due to misplacement.

    However, I also added a sticker at the back of the phone with my phone number on it. I made it faint so you can only see is within reading distance.

  9. Passcode can be removed in matter of seconds (single command to remove from Keychain), therefore i see no reason for using it

  10. SonicHedgehog says

    Following idea:
    If you want to have the password lock switched on, and still have a possibility that people can call you, if they Found your iPhone, then you could add contact information (alternate phone number) to your wallpaper.

    And for myself: I use the password lock instant, it’s really fast to unlock and helps a lot if I left it alone. And for quick music navigation you can double-tap on the home button without entering the password :)

  11. I no reason to slow my access down on something that never leaves my pocket unless i am holding it.
    i never put it down and never hand it to anyone unless i trust them with my uttmost.
    So no there is no reason to have one on

  12. Texaco trophy says

    I use it purely cos my 1 yr old daughter can use the slider to open up the phone. Smart eh? But not smart enough to punch in a 4 digit code. Hence the lock is priceless!

  13. I don’t use it but I should. You never know Who is going to get ahold of your phone. I’m waiting for a good free application locker.

  14. I have mine on with a 1 minute time limit and because I use BiteSMS, I might have that passcoded too (new feature in the latest release). So if I’m showing people my phone (lots of people want to see it – even now!) they dont have a nosey at my sms messages.

    If it was just a ipod touch I might not bother with the passcode, but my phone has stuff on it that I would like to remain private – hence the passcode.

    Just wish the passcode could be a bit more sophisticated than 4 numeric digits, maybe alphanumeric or even utilise the touchscreen in someway.

  15. I work at CVS and I found an iPhone on the floor. So I looked in the owners mail app to see if I can get some info and I did find the persons name. So I called that person over the intercom and she came and took it. So I assume that they where doing the same to your phone.

  16. Always!! Lose your phone once and have It found by a dishonest person and you will always lock from then on. Trust me on this one.

  17. I don’t use any passcode on my iPhone, i fear wht if I ll forget it.