Friday Night Movie Night: Tech21’s iBand

YouTubeThis isn’t about music this time (iBand), it’s an accessory that protects your iPhone. We’ll see what we can do about getting one for testing. Of course if you drop it directly on the screen, it’s still gonna break. Brooke’s wishing she had it when she dropped her iPhone :(

You can even buy it online at

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  1. Ok seriously, does no one else think this stuff is just crazy!! I could have use it. :(

  2. madley Rascal says

    i am very disappointed with the iband, there is no access to the side buttons and after 5 weeks it has got no better! i can only use apple headphones as the jack hole is too small for any third party headphones and it does not protect the front and back of the phone (ie – dont put it in a bag or pocket with keys, etc) as mine is now heavily scratched. IMO its seriously flawed!

    take a look at these reviews for other opinions on this:

    thisis a good reason to avoid this product.