Illumine – WinterBoard Theme

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Illumine illumine Illumine, by iKon, is a WinterBoard theme that that contains 2,537 icons, 2 docks, status bar, 6 wallpapers, badges, lock screen battery, page dots… etc. There a quite a few things to note about this theme.

First off, once you install the theme, you get a few options in WinterBoard including; the theme itself, a weathicon mod background, an SMS icon for 3.x firmware, the option for the no-glow dialpad and the option for a green dialpad.

Second, this theme “mods” all icons (except web clips). It makes all icons small with a glow below them. Not every icon is necessarily designed specifically for the theme (though, it does contain 2,537 icons!) but, at least they all have the same shape and look! I love when themes do that!

Third, the theme does contain an icon template. The .psd file is located in the Library/Themes/illumine.theme folder.

Forth, the designer of the theme updates it quite often. To get updates and support you can head over to his website.

You can get Illumine via the modmyi source.

How to Install

1. Your device must be jailbroken. (how?)
2. Make sure you have WinterBoard installed via Cydia.
2. Make sure you have the modmyi source installed in Cydia.
3. Search for Illumine in Cydia, run the install.
4. Open WinterBoard and activate the Illumine Theme.


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  1. I have had this theme for quite some time now and I love it!

  2. excellent theme! very customizable!

  3. This Theme is the best of the best very nice

  4. I’ve actually had this theme installed for some months now. I tend to go into the icons folder and use the alternate icons available for the emulator apps for example. It’s easy to edit and change icon names right on my phone with iFile. No need to SSH. :)

    This is an awesome theme. Is use it in conjunction with MobileMe 3.0 UI and the AncientSystem Theme. Turns out lovely on my phone. ^^

  5. I want iPhone software so you campay me pleese

  6. How do I get the green wallpaper on? Also, I can’t set my own wallpaper even with “user wallpaper” on in Winterboard.

  7. do any body play there iphone through their car using bluetooth audio stream, and if they do, does it keep jumping every 30 seconds, my phone is jailbroken and i use it through my car microsoft sync. thax

  8. Just upgraded Illumine and 1 icon Beejive IM is the full size original icon. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • Respring a few times and see what happens. Also make sure you have the most current version of Beejive. My Beejive icon looks uniform with the other icons. The only icon I have that is regular size is my “Settings” icon – but that is because I am using Supreme Prefs 3.0…

      If nothing above works then check out this helpful tip by Brooke in the article above: “Third, the theme does contain an icon template. The .psd file is located in the Library/Themes/illumine.theme folder.”

      If you need help with the process, email me:

  9. i love this theme. I’m surprised they don’t have sliders though…

  10. i just love it !!!!

  11. Love the theme but wondering if people are having trouble with this theme and categories? Even when telling categories to use the icons supplied by illumine it still has loads if icons missing despite when the icon is on my dock there is an icon?

  12. I love this theme. Was using it on 3.0.1, but just jailbroke with 3.1 and installed illumine again.

    I am having a problem with quite a few icons being normal in size, and I cant stand that. I want all the icons to be the same size. This was not a problem before rebreaking with 3.1.

    Is there a fix for this? I have resprung plenty of times.

    Also, is there a way to remove the icon labels? In winterboard it says “No docked (undocked) labels” but that doesnt change anything.

    • I’ve encountered the same issue; quite a few of my icons are normal size. This started for me in 3.1 as well. I have not explored this much, but I would not be surprised if the theme is only reskinning icons it has custom icons for in 3.1 rather than all of them.

  13. I am running rock and trying to get the weathericon to badge. I dont see anywhere to activate it. I have selected it in winterboard. Does anyone have any ideas?

  14. i need some help, im very new to this and i downloaded the Cydia app to my iphone but all the things ive downloaded haven’t come up to full play with my phone. like this “winterboard”, how do i go about getting it on the phone?

  15. I’ve used this theme for a few months now. i love it. It looks great with ‘Illuminated”

    and the people with the big icons. I had the same problem. I had to delete the apps from my phone and iTunes then resync and it works fine. Don’t know why that is but it is.

  16. I really love this them, but is there a way to get dark skins for apps like mail and Safari?
    I’ve had other themes with black keyboard and skin for some apps too…

  17. Hi iPhoners,

    My iPhone is charging now and I can’t wait to install Illuminate 1.6 on it (1.6 it’s the latest one?).

    It’s the 2nd day I use iPhone and it’s awesome I can say :D

    (Unlocked & Jailbreaked from 1st day :P)

    Anyway, talk to you soon iphoners.

  18. I just downloaded illumine 1.6.5 and for some reason the winterboard icon is just a black box and a white outlined square and the youtube icon doesn’t have the youtube across it. is anyone else experiencing this on v1.6.5??

  19. just got this theme AWESOME just need a sbsettings theme to go with it now

  20. Can’t find this whole theme in cydia any longer. Had to restore/re-jailbreak my phone recently and I can’t find the full Illumine theme on cydia. Help!

  21. Got the same problem…

    Couldnt find this theme on Cydia. There´s Illuminated, Iliminatio…

    Anyway…. will try to still looking for it..

  22. Same prob here also:(
    can’t find it on cydia anymore.

  23. Same problem,cant find it anymore.Please HELP,best app ever

  24. Theme is not free anymore! Author wants a donation!

  25. Does anyone know what happened to this amazing theme?

  26. i see it is no longer on cydia were can i get it now thanks

  27. Jake O'Donnell says

    I dont know how to get all my apps to have the glow under them

  28. i cant type in my passcode with this theme. the numbers are two small and i cant type them? ffs

  29. and the passcode numbers box is very tiny in the bottom left corner and when i go to type 1, 4boxes light up and the 7 doesn’t work for me, it just goes to emergency call


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