Yahoo Releases Offical Flickr Application in App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Flickr Today, yahoo released an official Flickr application. the app is well designed for the iPhone and iPod touch and does allow for some basic Flickr functionality. The first time you open the app, you will need to login to your account and authorize the application. These are both done in Safari… it would have been nice if it would have been built into the app.

Once you are all setup you can view your photo stream, tags, sets, favorites, contacts, recent activity, leave comments, search Flickr, mark images as favorites, upload photos and videos, edit photos and videos…etc (check out the App Store description below).

When you upload an image you can add a title, description, tags, add it to a set, turn on the current location tag and set the privacy level.

The application has a nice design and everything is formatted well for the iPhone. It worked really well on WiFi and did decently well on Edge… it was a little laggy but, I think that is to be expected. Overall, a nice application.



App Store Description:

Share your photos. Watch the world. Flickr® for the iPhone enables photo-sharing on the go – from your phone, to the world.

Shoot, upload and share photos & videos: Geo-tag your photos or add them to a set. View your photos by set and tag.

Stay up to date: See recent photo activities from your friends and family. Search and view photos by contact. Make comments or mark them as favorites.

Explore the world: Search photos & videos from the Flickr community all over the world – by subject, people, or places.

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