Updating to iTunes 9 Does Not Affect Jailbreak or Unlock

##ICON_NAME## MuscleNerd from the Dev-Team says that it is safe to update iTunes to iTunes 9 even if your iPhone or iPod Touch is jailbroke and/or unlocked. So, if you have a jailbroke/unlocked device… go ahead and updated iTunes.

However, do not update to firmware 3.1 via iTunes. We haven’t heard anything official on the 3.1 firmware update and how it affects jailbreaking and unlocking yet. We will keep an eye on the Dev-Team for more info.

Original Tweets:
“iTunes 9 plays well with already-jailbroken and unlocked devices”

“@JonathanCee @VictorBissou yep it’s safe to update iTunes if already jb/unlocked. Just don’t update iPhone firmware too!”

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  1. Good to know.

    Thx for the information.

  2. not possible to go to 3.1 with jailbreak – I had to restore.

  3. thanks a lot…

  4. I have no luck trying to organize my springboard within iTunes? The big question is does it work with Five Column Springboard and Five Icon Dock?

  5. loads of changes on itunes 9.0
    new layout of store
    new icons
    column browser in music can be set to left or top.
    New white background, brighter look
    home sharing
    graphic tweak with volume bar
    slightly thinner, tidier info panel top middle.
    new Welcome popup screen with info and tips.
    itunes DJ has been added to the preferences

  6. Thanks for the info. I won’t upgrade the fw, till it’s ok’d,

  7. thank!! :)

  8. Hopefully iTunes 9 doesn’t break the ability for us to create our OWN ringtones.

  9. Hello All. Just letting everyone know that iTunes 9 is pretty much the same. The biggest difference is basically organization. Things are arranged in a way that’s much better. I just synced my jailbroken iPhone 2G with 3.0 and had no problems. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE NEW APPLICATION FEATURE IN ITUNES 9 THAT ENABLES THE “VIEW” OF THE SPRINGBOARD ON YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN ONLY WORKS WITH IPHONE OS 3.1. All the more reason to WAIT for the devteam before upgrading the firmware folks. With 3.0 & 3.0.1, you’ll be able to see the left side only (list of apps). Other than that, iTunes 9 is an awesome step in the digital world.

    • I have v. 2.2.1 3G unlocked iphone and when I pluged my iPhone in….. it told me my SIM card was no vaild and deleted all my music. Now I cant even access my iPhone through iTunes. Any suggestions?

  10. I upgraded itune 9 and its keep on freeze when i sync the iphone even thru, i didnt upgrade to 3.1 yet and i am still on jailbreak. does anyone experience similar ?

  11. Please note that updating your itunes to 9 could comprimise your connection with your iphone. I haven’t been able to sync my jailbroken 3g with itunes since the update, and there’s a lot of other problems with it! It seems very buggy at the moment and unstable…defo not worth updating, if it’s not needed.
    Apple haven’t piped up yet about any patches or updates but I’d hold off for the moment, unless you’d like to get the spinning beachball everythime you plug your iphone into your mac. I’m dissapointed :( It seems there’s a networking issue with it and programs like parallels and little snitch are causing problems?? Apple testers seemed to have left out fundamentals in this update!!
    Anyone else getting problems???

  12. i update a itunes 9.0, then i restore my iphone, now when i jailbreak with REDSNOW, then jailbreak is not work ??
    before when i hade ITunes 8.0 that time is working Jailbreak, but now is not working??
    so please let me know immediate what happening here, and what should i do, how can i jailbreak my iphone,
    thank you

  13. My Itune 9.0 does not recognized my unlocked 2G. I had to reinstalled Itune 8.2 for phone to sync again. WATCH OUT if you have an unlocked phone. It looks like Apple is trying to restrict access to Itune 9 to only locked phone.

  14. anthony o neill says

    i upgraded to itunes 9 and lost my network for a while i turned off my phone and then pressed the home button and pluged into usb and got my network back again but i am uncertain about using itunes 9 again .Is this safe to use itunes 9?

  15. Anyone know a good site to download iTunes 8? All my iTunes come out with a missing file or something. Can anyone help?

  16. Watch out upgrading, this post is very misleading. It is NOT safe to upgrade to iTunes 9 if you are jailbroken and unlocked. iTunes checks online if your phone is valid and will not recognize your phone and not allow you to sync! You will get a message that the SIM card is invalid.

    To downgrade, you need to uninstall iTunes 9, and QuickTime then install an older version of iTunes 8. I was able to find iTunes 8 by searching Google for “iTunes 8 download” and found a link on apple.com for it.

    This was on a Windows 7 RC machine with a 3G iPhone on T-Mobile btw.

  17. I was foolish enough and updated to Itunes 9.0 without really thinking.

    Now my jailbroken iphone 3G (3.0) no longer syncs to itunes and prompts me to restore. The phone seems to be operating as normal although it’s useless without being able to sync to itunes.

    What would happen if I restore to factory settings? lose jailbreak, and all contacts data etc?>

    anyone having similar problems, any advice?


  18. wite jery says

    same problem iphone 2g itunes9 say sim not support

  19. i cant sync with itunes 9 with IPAD and IPhone 2G.

    Any advice?