BossPaper Update 1.1.1 – Bug Fixes

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BossPaper Yesterday, BossPaper was updated to version 1.1 adding an “Under WinterBoard” option. It has now been updated to version 1.1.1. The update to version 1.1.1 contains a few bug fixes. Below is the list of bug fixes according to BigBoss. He has also said that if you are still experiencing an issue with missing icons, he would like some help troubleshooting it. Head over to his website for more details.

1) Fixed background location to include statusbar again.

2) Fixed help screen to talk about how to use the new “Under Winterboard” feature. See Help, then Feature Description.

3) Made some changes internally to try to make things more like how 1.0 worked for those that were having problems with layering when using winterboard. I verified this fixed the problem for one person, (thank you Scott). I still cannot reproduce this issue so can only hope for the best.

4) The change to #3 above also impacted dimming if you had a winterboard theme behind the bosspaper. On v1.0 the winterboard theme was covered but on 1.1 the paper dimming let the theme show from behind it.

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  1. When i updated bosspaper to 1.1 it froze my phone i could use sbssettings and press the home button but couldnt open an app. i had to but cydia under the dock apps in sbs to remove it and fix my phone… 1.1.1 did the same thing.

  2. It would be nice to be able to access my Photo Library for all my backgrounds that are there. Anyone else figure out how to do this?