Dev-Team Releases Firmware 3.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 2G, 3G and the iPod touch 1G

Dev-Team The Dev-Team has released a jailbreak for the 3.1 firmware… it jailbreaks the iPhone 2G, 3G and the iPod touch 1G. You will want to read the entire post before doing anything. Below is a snippet of the post but, you can check out the full article and download the files HERE.

This is the low down on our tools for use with the 3.1 firmware from Apple, please read the whole post in full before attempting anything. Because of changes with Apple’s update techniques this will be a multipart release, starting with the initial release of PwnageTool for Mac OS X – this application supports the iPhone 1st Generation (2G), The iPhone 3G and the iPod touch 1G. NB: THIS DOES NOT SUPPORT THE 3GS OR NEW IPOD TOUCH. redsn0w for Mac OS X and Windows will follow sometime in the near future, please don’t bug us about it – we’ll release when we have something ready.

1.GOLDEN RULE: If you are using a 3G iPhone with ultrasn0w and rely on ultrasn0w to obtain cellular service, then you should only upgrade to 3.1 with a PwnageTool created .ipsw. – Stay away from Apple’s direct updates as described here and here please get up to speed on the whole subject by reading the information contained in these posts.
2.If you have an original iPhone (1st generation) then 3.1 unlock works with this PwnageTool release. iPhone 3G users upgrading to 3.1 will need to continue using ultrasn0w with a PwnageTool created 3.1 .ipsw
3.Please read all parts of this post before downloading and using these tools.
4.Read items 1, 2 and 3 again and again.
5.At the bottom of this post are the bittorrent files for the 3.1 capable version of PwnageTool.
6.This app is suitable for the recent 3.1 release.
7.This version of PwnageTool will NOT work for the iPhone 3GS.
8.PwnageTool WILL work for Original iPhone (1st Generation), Original iPod touch (1st Generation) and the iPhone 3G.

Full article HERE.

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  1. Mitchell Mortenson says

    YAY!!! Thanks guys! You are the best!

  2. Just fired up my hackintosh and created a ispw for my 3G. Interesting though was the fact it said “Creating custom firmware for your 3G[S]” Even though 3G[s] is clearly not supported yet

  3. I think I will stay on 3.0 until an Apple update is really worth it. I have an iPhone 3GS, 32G jailbroken. I was able to activate the MMS & Tethering via the hacks out there. So I’m good for now…

    • Dude.

      Do you bought your iPhone 3GS with the firmware 3.0? Is it when you bought your iPhone 3GS, it comes automtically with a 3.0 firmware? Is it not that you bought you iPhone 3GS, but it comes with a 3.1 firmware?

      Hoping for your answers.

    • @ HolyFries – I got my 3GS on the first day it came out with 3.0 and use purplera1n to jailbreak it. Until there’s a hack for the 3.1 for the 3GS I will leave it be. It works fine with no bugs.

    • How did u get mms tethering?I’ve got 3gs 32GB jailbroken,but I don’t want2upgrade just4MMS,but I really want it! Plz help me! Contact me

      Thanx Nesto

  4. Hi. can someone make a IPSW file jailbroken for ipod 1G and upload it somewhere? cuz i dont have a mac so i cant jailbreak my ipod

  5. says

    iTunes seems to crash when trying to add/remove applications in iTunes. I think apple doesnt like cydia :(

  6. Does anyone know about when a 3gs jailbreak will be out?

  7. If I can’t jailbreak my 3GS, then I’m gonna be on firmware 3.0.1 with my iPhone working and looking great for a very long time!

  8. I hate the fact that I can’t jailbreak my 3gs. What’s the freaking point of having this pile of crap if u can’t unlock and break it

  9. I am going to get my blackberry pearl back out. After I thow this iPhone in the stupid trash can

    • Instead of throwing it into the “stupid trash can”, why don’t u give it to someone who’ll appreciate the 3GS and “patiently” wait for the jailbreak/unlock, like…say…ME! :)

    • I still love my iPhone regardless of what Apple does. This update isn’t even that big of a deal. Why are so many people so eager to update to the newest firmware when it does hardly anything to their device. I’ve had an iPhone since the original came out and I was using it on T-Mobile. I liked it so much that I finally broke down and switched to at&t just so I could get the new one. I’m totally satisfied (despite my bill being $30 more per month with a discount!) and I’ll keep being happy with this phone. Just be patient and stop whining everyone. The Dev Team, saurik, BigBoss, and all the other people like that will come through for us.

    • Nooooooooooooo…..just send it to me…..PM me and I’ll PM you my address.


  10. i just finished upgrading my wife’s iphone 2g to 3.1 firmware. it seems wintetboard is crashing n it sending iphone to safemode. u cannot get out of safe mode unless u uninstall wintrrboard. so is there any guys having same issue with iphone 2g or even 3g after upgrading to 3.1???? let me know

    • There was just a new update on Cydia that fixes Winterboard issues on 3.1. Apple Iphone School had just posted a new topic not too long ago that discusses this.

  11. The reason why so many people ask so many seemingly stupid questions with regard to jailbreaking and unlocking after the DEV team has posted an article on the subject is as follows:

    The DEV team do an absolutely wonderful job in producing jailbreak/unlock software and for this they cannot be knocked or criticised in any way.

    Unfortunately however, technical authors they are not. For many years before retirement I was a technical writer and my biggest nightmare was to receive a new program together with a full A4 page of instructions that consisted from top to bottom of two paragraphs. All the information was there but written in such a manner that was extremely difficult to decipher and sort into a meaningful structure that could be understood by all.

    Clearly, the DEV team have the same problem and until their instructions are simple and written in a Janet and John format, they will continue to get bombarded with these questions.

    Another cause of confusion is the unfortunate names given to such programs over the time and includes the following:

    Pwnage, Quickpawn, Winpwn, Yellows0w, Redsn0w, Ultrasn0w. What must be remembered here is that many iPhone users wishing to jailbreak/unlock are new to this and do not understand what all this means. To this end, however long winded it may seem, each time the DEV team issue an article on the subject it must clearly explain these terms. I stress here that each definition is placed on a separate line and not jumbled all into a long sentence or paragraph.

    Of course we then have the problem with the number of devices available such as:

    iPhone 2g, 3g, 3gs first generation, second generation, iPod Touch etc. etc. Here again, it must be made clear, line by line what program may be used for each device and not all jumbled up into one sentence or paragraph.

    Please, please DEV team if you read this article, do not take this article as criticism or undermining your capabilities in any way. However, please do bear in mind its contents in order to avoid all the stupid emails, blogs etc.

  12. im sure this is a noob thing to ask but i dl the file and now it says windows dont know what to open it with…what do i do??

  13. Hi guys i have read that the 3gs 3.1 can never be jb is this true if so i gonna get rid and swap for 3g on 3.0

  14. In Step Thirteen
    Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop using the dialog window that appears. Select the custom IPSW that was created (iPhone1,1_3.1_7C144_Custom_Restore.ipsw) and click the Open button.

    I did forget and restore with the organelle ipsw,
    Itunes shows me:

    The SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported

    my organelle SIM is lost since tow years

    can you help me in that….

  15. help me!!!!!! i did the jail brake and everything works good except for one major thing… sim card contacts were wiped out!!!!! how do i get them. i did everything right and no where in all my reading did it say to take out sim card when doing. i sure hope i didnt screw something up. if your in the u.s. text me it will be faster than me checkin my email all the time. my number is 5745750878.

  16. PRANAV SHINDE says

    bro. can u help me to jailbreak my i phone 3G for 3.1 firmware or guide me proper to jail break te phone?hmmmmm

    Please do help me

  17. Hey Dev-Team,
    I’m really desperate to find out the jailbreak solution for my 16GB iPhone 3GS with firmware 3.1 !!!!
    As soon as you figure it out can you plz e-mail.

    E-mail me ASAP !!!!

  18. Hey Dev-Team,
    I’m really desperate to find out the jailbreak solution for my 16GB iPhone 3GS with firmware 3.1 !!!!
    As soon as you figure it out can you plz e-mail.

    E-mail me ASAP !!!!

  19. Hi,
    VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When u jailbreak your iPhone 3G / 3GS or iPod touch firmware 3.0 there is an app on CYDIA that STUFFS up your iphone / iPod.

    1) Open up Cydia and go to HOME PAGE .
    2) Open up FEATURED PACKAGES .
    3) Scroll down and u will see an aplication called CATEGORIES— this app helps u organize your icons.
    3) Click on it but DONT DARE to install it because your device will freeze and screw up like mind did. I did it twice and got 3 new iPhones because of that app.
    4) If you install and OPEN the app u CANT GET OUT. Your iphone / iPod freezes.
    5) I RECCOMEND do NOT install this app, as it is dangerous.


    Thanks for understanding !!!!
    plz reply if anything happens to your device or give any feedback .

  20. Updated my iphone 1st generation to 3.1 firmware but somehow it got stuck and now it detects the iphone in itunes but say the sim card inserted in the phone is not supported and i do not have the at&t sim card.

    Anyone who can lead me to restore my iphone to factory settings.

    • you cant apple has to sign all attempts at a restore, they are no longer letting anyone restore to original 3.0 and you updated your baseband so it can never be unlocked again your just going to have to get a new phone or hope that dev team can figure it out

  21. Hello all,

    Need help and advise. accidentaly updated firmware from 3.0 to 3.1 and need to be able to use with Tmobile in USA. Oh.. and also unlock.

    Who ever could help I will reward them 50 bucks through pay pal

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  23. It’s hard to find well-informed people for this topic, but
    you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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