QuickScroll 2 – Quickly Scroll in a Page

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## We haven’t done a review of QuickScroll, an application that allows you to quickly scroll in a page, since it was first released. I received an email from Michel saying that QuickScroll 2 was much better than the previous version so, I thought I would take a look at it. He was right, version 2 of the app is very nice.

The mod now has quite a few Settings and options. The settings are located in the stock Settings application. In the Settings you are able to turn the scrollbar on/off, you can set the Tapping Scroll Track (so when you tap the scroll track it either goes to the next page or it jumps to the spot on the page that corresponds with the spot you tapped on the scroll track), you can set the duration of the scroll track from 1 second to 10 seconds (this is how long the scroll track displays before disappearing), you can set how you would like to activate the scroll track (single tap, two-finger tap, triple tap or scrolling – if you turn Scrolling on, the track bar will display as soon as you start scrolling in a page) and you can choose to disable the scroll track in specific applications.

I like the new scrollbar setting. If you turn on the Scrollbar option, you will get this nice semi-transparent scrollbar instead of the green scroll track. I like it. The page number input has also changed. It looks like a little number pad now. You just type in the page number that you would like to scroll too and it will automatically bring you to that page. Also, the number pad and the scroll track can be drug anywhere on the page. Just tap and drag it to move it around.

Overall, a very nice update. It mod looks much cleaner now and I love the new settings. You can get QuickScroll via the BigBoss source.

Note: if the number pad page input pop-ups up, you get to the scroll track (or scrollbar) by taping on the little arrow icon in the upper left corner of the number pad.


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  1. Nice! I wish there was an option to specify the width of the gray bar. This way I could have a very narrow bar (like the stock one) with the same sensitivity area, i.e. the same area to work with the scrollbar with minimal visual distraction.

    Thanks to the developer for the great mod!

  2. One more to the “wish list”: add an option to activate the scrollbars only if tapped in their sensitive areas.

  3. It works, but I don’t have the options or settings in “Settings”. is it because i have Action Menu ?

    Anyone could help

  4. quickscroll 2 isn’t working for ipod touch 2nd gen…is there a solution for this?

  5. Let me first make clear what I mean by a gradual process. ,

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  7. I love the app. However, whenever I click “disable for” in settings, the app closes. Is there any other way I can stop Quickscroll2 from being activated in every program? Is there a settings file I can edit?

    • I have the same problem (“disable for”), iOS 4.1. Any idea?

    • I’m currently looking at the source code to see if I can fix the “disable for” bug in iOS 4.1. Also have plans to implement ’tilt’ scrolling, so that you can tilt your iphone to scroll automatically. Hopefully won’t take too long.

  8. Doesn’t seem to work for photo library, bug or working as intended?