GeoHot Jailbreaks all Devices on 3.1

##ICON_NAME## GeoHot, the developer of the purplera1n jailbreak, has just added an entry to his blog and this is what it says;

“And prepare to meet the program that will jailbreak them all. ”

Yep, you got it, he apparently has found a jailbreak that will work with all iPhones and all iPod touches on the 3.1 firmware.

He also says, “no affiliation to greenpois0n. and it’s in some ways the complete opposite of purplera1n. but still 10 seconds. and may work for every version of software *ever*, based on the prettiness of the exploit”

We will keep our eye out for more info.


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  1. iPhone 3GS – “my precious”…one ring(hack) to rule them all..

  2. Sweet!

  3. God bless you man you are the best

  4. This just turned me on! Haha

  5. Super fantastic! I can’t wait to get the program!

  6. I hope it comes out soon. I can’t wait to jailbreak my 3GS.

  7. what can’t he do?

  8. GeoHot=Awesomeness! I like his method of jailbreaking. Purplera1n was THE fastest jailbreak I’ve ever used.

  9. ScrappyCocoa says

    Yes zzirr…..

  10. Can we jailbreak on PC’s???

  11. cant wait, my brand new ipod touch is just dying to be jailbroken ;)

  12. fulloffeel says

    let us jailbreak our 3GS 3.1 already!!

  13. Wow! He’s still as awesome as he was when he was 16. Apple must hate him lol.

  14. Can’t wait, i used purplera1n to jb., but im still stuck on 3.0 fm. till i can safely update to 3.1. This is great news.

  15. not to pull anything from the dev team…bcos i won’t have an iphone if not for them, but they are like old programmers that refuse to learn new tricks.

    takes them for ever and the most steps to do a simple process. Amazing how he does the same task with less effort.

    Kudos to them all though.

  16. Please let it be true!!!…and soon! Cant wait any longer to add 3.1 onto my 2 gen jailbroken running 3.0 Anyone know when Redsn0w will be out for Windows?:-)

  17. Your headline “GeoHot Jailbreaks all Devices on 3.1” is a trifle premature. At this moment, he’s jailbreaking nothing.

    • Trifle does not mean trivial. trifle means a bit. I said “a trifle premature”. That means a bit early. Celebrate when you have the jailbreak, and do not call people names on this board. This was a civilized board, until today.

    • Wasn’t trying to be uncivilized, just happy to hear news about my iPhone.

    • Okay. Let’s both be happy when this happens.

  18. Is it coming for Windows first or both at the same time? Cuz I can wait!!!!

  19. I think you have all been had !! have you clicked the link on his blog ?
    it takes you to a ‘rick astly’ video LOL

  20. can this able to jailbreak iphone 3gs 3.1 out of box???????????????

  21. I guess you all know that it looks as if it isn’t going to happen.

  22. Geohotz new jailbreak will be called Blackra1n. ( It will be able to jailbreak all devices on firmware 3.1 including 3G [s] and iPod touch 3G otb. No exact release yet, but should be sometime this week. ultrasn0w should be able to work when jailbroken using this.

  23. Go figure…, by the time everyone gets all settled in with 3.1, Apple just released 3.1.2. This cat & mouse never ends! Then again…, its technology. So it’s kinda expected.


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