ChillTwit Free for a Limited Time

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

ChillTwit ChillTwit, a twitter application that allows you to customize your bubble colors, and background image, is free for a limited time.

Many of you may have hear about ChillTwit and it’s claim to be the “ONLY Twitter app that allows customization of your bubble colors, and background image!” I’m not sure it is an application I would pay for but, now that it’s free you could check it out.


– View Timeline of the users you are following!
– View messages, and replies
– View links in ‘Inline Browser’
– Post tweets from iPhone or iPod Touch
– Post images to Twitter w/ camera or via/ Photos using Twitpic!
– Reply to any tweet or message!
– Background customization to any photo!
– Bubble color customization from 9 colors to choose from!
– Retweet a Twitter message
– Ad- Free
– Easy Twitter Account Setup
– Smooth scrolling of Tweets


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  1. Thanks for the post… ChillTwit has only gotten this far because of sites like APi recognizing the app!

    Have a great day!


  2. Downloaded and tried after reading this. Like the customizations features and simple ease of use. Great app for free. Like Tweetdeck for the iphone for direct messages and other features which is also free. qStatus is also a great app for twitter on the iphone, lacks the ability to read timeline, it’s only for posting your updates, nice that is also posts to facebook status update similtaneously with twitter if you choose to do so. You will pay .99 in the app store for qStatus last i checked though.

  3. Broken Japanese or Korean langusge?