Orbit 1.1 – Home Button Support

Available In: Cydia       Price:$1.99  

##ICON_NAME## Orbit, by Steven Troughton-Smith, will soon be updated to version 1.1. The update will include home button support for the app. Troughton-Smith says he is going to be testing the new feature for a week or so to work out any bugs and then will release the update in Cydia. Below is a video preview of the feature. You can get Orbit via the BigBoss source.

Note: The video does not have any audio. :)


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  1. I look forward to this update. If I can remove extra steps, that would be wonderful. Pressing/holding the button is a great and easy way to activate this nice product.

  2. I really like Orbit and am happy to see that this new feature is soon to be made available.

  3. Klaus Jochmann says

    Orbit was the reason, I have done a jailbreak! And it is worth this decision! It works great and gives me the possibility jumping fast and easy from table to table and app to app!

  4. if i get Orbit ,once an update comes out ,,and i update,and jailbreak will i still have Orbit or will i have to buy it again

  5. Orbit 1.1 is available!
    Double tap the home button & see ;)

  6. I want my old double-tap behaviour back, how can I revert?

  7. i don’t want double tap to be Orbit, can I change it back to what it used to be? it was ipod for me.