Multiflow – Multitasking Application {Updated}

##ICON_NAME## Multiflow is a multitasking application. The app uses Backgrounder to start applications running in the background and then allows you to view and switch between the apps that are running in the background. It basically puts a GUI on the Backgrounder utility. Check out the demo video below.

This reminds me of an application that Steven Troughton-Smith (the developer of Stack and Orbit) posted a screenshot of last month.

The developer of Multiflow originally said the app was soon to be released in Cydia however, he has posted on his website that the app will most likely be available in Rock. A little bit of a bummer… according to one of our polls the majority of jailbroke users use Cydia.

What app do you use to get jailbroke applications onto your iPhone and/or iPod touch?

* Cydia (77.0%, 2,403 Votes)
* Icy (2.0%, 69 Votes)
* Rock Your iPhone RockApp (7.0%, 206 Votes)
* Installer (4.0%, 114 Votes)
* I’m not jailbroke. (10.0%, 314 Votes)
Total Voters: 3,106

Start Date: September 23, 2009 @ 8:53 am

UPDATE: The website has been changed to say that Multiflow will be released in both Cydia and Rock. YAY!

Demo Video:


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  1. Is it going to be free??

  2. Great,
    I love it!
    But how to get it? I have Cydia only

  3. Yes!!! Rock is SOOO much better then Cydia. Its faster, allows u to keep browsing while its working (unlike Cydia which u have to sit with), and its more stable. I have both Cydia and Rock, but use Rock more.

    • how do you get rock? i’m quite new at this and dunno where to get it from. cydia keeps crashing something like ispazio dunno what that is. if it’s more stable then i’ll give it a go! thanks !

  4. Really nice, but other than the really slick implementation, it doesn’t add many benefits over Kirikae. Certainly not worth messing around with Rock for.

  5. Doesn’t Kirikae do the exact same thing? (minus the pretty GUI) I use Kirikae ALL THE TIME plus it has favorites and switching is a breeze and it’s developed by the same person that developed the Backgrounder app as well. I have had 2 VERY bad experiences with Rock app. So, I’m never installing it again. It’s the reason why I am not going to update snes4iphone because it seems to install Rock app since that’s where it’s available.

    Hey I can understand that maybe Rock works better for some people but not for me. I’ll stick with Cydia. Heck even Icy still works really well for me even IF ripdev are no longer supporting it. I’ll do some more research on the Rock app. last I had checked it was very bad for a MAJORITY of people. Most people say they will not use it since they have had bad experiences with it, me included.

  6. I heard you can’t close the backgrounded apps like you can in kirikae. When they implement it, I’ll make the switch. I’m not switching cuz performance is better than a pretty gui imo.

  7. This is supposed to be in Cydia but I guess I don’t have the correct source. Anyone know it?

  8. I’m on Cydia and Multiflow runs great till the recent update. Now I cannot switch to Springboard while I’m at other apps. Did I miss out some setting? Please advise.


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