A i r o – WinterBoard Theme

A i r o, by Pur3x, contains 61 icons (some of which are alternative icons), wallpaper, dock, lockscreen wallpaper, lockscreen battery, badges and quite a few UI mods. Overall, the theme is nicely designed and the UI mods are subtle and clean. I did notice that the “Slide to Unlock” text looks a little funky… it is moved over to the right but still slightly visible. You can fix this by using either the Slide to Unlock Killer or the No “Slide to Unlock” Text hacks. For more info about the theme, check it out on deviantART. You can get the A i r o theme via the modmyi source.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

How to Install a Theme:

1. Your device must be jailbroken. (how?)
2. Make sure you have WinterBoard installed via Cydia.
2. Make sure you have the modmyi source installed in Cydia.
3. Search for A i r o in Cydia, run the install.
4. Open WinterBoard and activate the a i r o Theme.


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  1. The icon theme is actually Dusk Nano.

  2. Does it happen to have one of those templates that automatically change icons not supplied to match the theme?

  3. check out my new iphone theme, protek. it works as 1 page theme using categoriesSB or stacks!

  4. memoriesland says

    can anybody tell me what can I do so the weather , time and date to appear in the uper bar ?