Android OS Working on iPhone 3G

GoogleRecently we wrote about Google’s Android OS working on an iPhone. This is really kewl and I can’t wait for it to be released as a stable package. Right now a few things don’t work and it’s a tedious task to get it installed. What’s new is that it’s now running on an iPhone 3G. Before it was running on only the 1st Gen iPhone.

The hope is that you should soon be able to carry around your first-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G running Android and use it just as normally as you would any other Android phone.

New Features:
– many under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes
– the Wi-Fi driver has been fleshed out with all the Android-specific extensions
– added an Android icon to the boot menu to make it more easily accessible
– groundwork laid for audio support on the 3G, so support for audio in Linux/Android will be coming in a few days.
– improved power management and backlight control very soon


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  1. Im gonna try it for sure,but i need waiting on 3GS

  2. Sigh, if only the wait for 3GS wasn’t so inevitably long….

    different hardware, longer wait… and if you have the newer 3GS then there’s even less chance of it happening
    (although thankfully I have one of the older 3GS’s)

  3. can I be able to use it on ipod touch?

  4. Once I get a new phone and replace my 2g, I’ll probably mess around with this. I wouldn’t dare do it on my primary phone unless it was out of beta and running flawlessly, also wouldn’t use it if it was 1.6 (as is) it needs to be 2.1 for it to be worthwhile.

  5. Cydia